Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Morning Joe" Show Bitch Slaps Chris Brown

In case you have not heard the news singer and woman beater Chris Brown will appear for an entire hour on Larry King's show tomorrow night.

This morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show after a previewing a clip for tonights show with Brown saying "it's a blur, I don't remember the incident." I thought it interesting that Chris Brown was wearing a trust me blue sweater, shirt and matching blue bow tie. The MSNBC panel asked the question how is it "that Chris Brown received no jail time? Who is the Judge? And how can foootball player Michael Vick receive serious prison time for killing dogs and Brown receives no jail time" says host Joe Scarborough. All excellent questions. The answer is simple, Chris Brown is immune because what he does for a living provides a cushy lifestyle for hundreds of influential people who won't make a dime if Brown served jail time.

Tonight's interview on Larry King is really about the legal system selling victims beaten within an inch if their lives down a continued bloody river of no return all for the love of money.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office in cutting a deal sends a clear message to victims: felony battery is not against the law, especially when the offender has deep green pockets or in this case likely several signed cases of autograph cd's and tickets for future concert events?
It looks like Wednesday CNN evening will host an hour of "Offender Television."


TigressPen said...

"it's a blur, I don't remember the incident."

I doubt if it's a blur for Rihanna.

Mattode said...

This case says to young women that it is alright if you are famous to use your hands as a weapon and beat a woman you will get a slap on the wrist and be allowed to resume your life. A serious crime is treated as a joke. Shame on LA County!

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