Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bloody Outcome on the Road to Safety

On May 5, 2008, Adelina Weber went to a court house in Illinois petitioning a judge for an order of protection. Adelina could no longer endure her husband Clarence Weber's violent outbursts, physical abuse and threats of serious injury. She was issued the protection order that day.

With the protection order in place, Adelina Weber felt fairly secure in knowing she would be protected. The following day Adelina returned to the home to gather items needed with family members and a police escort. In large letters on the kitchen wall he wrote "Now Everything is Going to End". A clear violation of the order of protection. Writing these words should have resulted in an arrest per the Illinois domestic violence law, it did not. Police laughed it off, taking no action.

Clarence continued to stalk Adelina and send threatening notes. Another violation that did not result in an arrest. On May 27, 2008, a fire was reported in the couple's home. According to officials it was arson, likely set by Clarence. Police did not investigate.

This was not the first time Weber had been in trouble for abuse. In 1989, he was sent to prison in Florida where he served six years for attempted murder with his first wife.

Police knew they were not dealing with a boy scout and yet, Clarence Weber's criminal history was dismissed as "no big deal".

Adelina Weber, 31, mother of three had just finished her shift at work when she was brutally stabbed and attacked in the parking lot. She made it to the lobby of a hotel, where she collapsed and died.
On July 10, 2008, the family filed a lawsuit. The complaint alleges the police department took no action to investigate her husband or protect her, the release said. The complaint claims police had a duty to arrest Clarence Weber upon learning of a violation of the protection order and to arrange for Adelina's transportation to a safe place under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.
Adelina follwed the "prescribed procedures" in ending her violent relationship. And yet, she lost her life anyway.
Explain that to her children!


Lake County, IL said...

Everyone wants to point fingers at the victim because its easy.

The police did not treat this as a crime from the begining. I can't understand why during 2 other violations I am personally aware of Waukegan PD ignored her and never arrested him.

Anonymous said...

In Lake County the Latino population is not treated as wel as it should be. Prayers to the family.

Anonymous said...

This will go away quietly. The town will pay off the family once it gets closer to trial. Nothing will be resolved. Until the next murder victim.

Anonymous said...

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Latinos/-as not being treated well! How absurd!

This is about violence toward women who society CONTINUES to perceive as somehow deserving of their abuse or, in this case, not being taken seriously as a result of the relationship the victim has had with the filthy scum perpetrator.

Suing the Police and holding out for a verdict will send a clear message to that agency of men and women sworn to "serve and protect".

And you are so right. It WILL continue. Women need to start fighting back and fighting for other women in trouble.

If society will not tolerate the abuse- neither will the police!

Delilah said...

Anon....I agree with your post. Our society is so more apt to look the other way and not get involved with each other.

Until we get over that and go back to having a concern about each other, more innocent victims are not protected. Obviously in this case the police were not her protectors.

This poor woman has become just another statistic and unfortunately will be forgotten unless someone takes a stand for her. The rights of the victim have once again been taken away.

Now, what will happen to her husband? He will continue to have his rights protected.

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