Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Atlanta Deputy Submits to DNA in Wife's Murder

(Home where Linda Yancey was murdered)
Atlanta-It has been more than a month now since the murder of Linda Yancey. Her Deputy husband, Derrick Yancey has claimed she was shot by an intruder. Then the intruder who Derrick Yancey hired to perform landscaping at this home claimed that is who shot his wife. And Yancey's claims to have shot him.

Finally, a bit of movement in the case. Derrick Yancey submitted to DNA testing.

Interesting comments from an earlier post on the case. One of the comments said:

"Derrick was going to prevent Linda leaving anywat possible. When he first learned

of her plans to end the marriage and file for divorce he went absolutely nuts. "

I would suggest if anyone has any information they should contact the authorities. You can always call and leave a tip without using your name. Or if you have any supporting evidence, please provide it to the proper authorities.

It is important to wait until the police conclude their investigation.

My opinion on the case stands. It smells foul!


Anonymous said...

This guy gives law enforcement a black eye!

Anonymous said...

Not many believe Derrick's story about the events of that afternoon.
I hope he is a arrested soon. The investigation has dragged for to long. Then again, he just make walk if they can't make a case.

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