Thursday, April 3, 2008

Drew Peterson: A Slow News Week For The Team

As the days and hours pass in the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, the family continues
to search for her.

It appears that the legal roaster on the Drew Peterson team, who also has a domestic violence history in his own home life, has too, much time on his hands of late.

Now, the "legal roaster" is pointing fingers accusing Roy Taylor, Sharon Bychowski's son and leader of the volunteer search effort of "drawing a salary" from the funds that were raised for the subsidized searches for Stacy Peterson.

I would ask the lawyer what has he received in good old American dollars as a consultant thus far for his services to Mr. Peterson? Who uses courthouse steps as a background setting to defend someone who has yet to be charged.

It is no one's business what Mr. Taylor or anyone else is doing or for that matter receiving as it pertains to finding Stacy. And, in my opinion, if you had an ounce of compassion for this woman and mother, you would be doing everything in your power to support those looking for her .

It has been my experience through my many years involved in domestic violence cases that those who protect an "offender is because they are on familiar territory themselves. And abusers tend to group together and defend on another.

I think the Jerry Springer show antics have no business in life and death issues. And any lawyer who has that much time on their hands needs to gather better material. It's give other attorney's a bad reputation.

Meanwhile, Yes Stacy Peterson is still missing. I prefer the word vanished. Those searching for her could use your help. Please head on over to


Anonymous said...

How about its time for thw investigators on the case to make an arrest?????????????????

Anonymous said...

Great article! Should we expect anything different in a lawyer who came into this case like a casting call on a bad movie?

Anonymous said...

Anything to divert atention away from the real truth is what we are watching. I believe if Peterson did not have an attorney he would already be in jail. Stacy is missing that should be the focus and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I agree, nothing from J. Jrodski lips other than what happend to Kathleen or Stacy is an of this mans business. He & his client are both idiots.

Anonymous said...

Why is Peterson still free? Stacy Peterson is gone, the other wife is gone, who else has been killed?
What other cover ups have he Tomzak & Mayor Claary hidden over the years? Arrest him already.

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