Monday, March 31, 2008

Drew Peterson: Camp Sticky Marshmallow-Day No. 152

At Camp Marshmallow Day 152, Drew Peterson's team of legal roasters, in my opinion, continue building a bon fire of recycled garbage. I have never seen such disregard for human life in all my years as an advocate.

That is correct, a disregard for Stacy's children when this past week all four were paraded front across the pages of red splattered ink like trophies on a game show.

Continued commentary from a man who was himself, visited by a SWAT team for placing his own family in jeopardy during a domestic violence episode. Attempts to laugh like a jokester each time the conversation is brought up regarding the search for Stacy Peterson. Making comments in reference to Drew Peterson's potential contribution if they redirect their search efforts. Or that Stacy's family is "wasting their time".

It is not a stable environment when children are forced to play out roles and keep secrets at the direction of a parent. And that is exactly when I viewed along with the country, just a few days ago.

One would like to believe that a man who allegedly cared so much for a woman who brought the precious gift of life into the world who set an example for his two older sons in keeping his mouth zipped. At the very least, showing compassion for "whoever" murdered their own mother by demanding answers in Kathleen Savio's death.

Instead, you have an individual literally dancing in all of our faces, in a tribal like shuffle, laughing. As he and his mighty team of camp marshmallow roasters continue the game of "catch him if you can".

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Volunteers have geared up and are continuing their search for Stacy. To donate or offer any kind of services the group might need please visit:


Anonymous said...

I find myself looking for the updates every week along with the commentary. One observation is you never seem to use the lawyers name is that on purpose?

Anonymous said...

You are right Stacy is still out there someplace & Drew Peterson acts like she never existed in his actions. It is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Everybody gets their turn & D.P. will have to answer to God. Qestion for Peterson; WHERE IS STACY, DREW!

Levi said...

Susan, you are correct. Drew Peterson and camp cry baby, coward are trying to distract the public with these fights with the neighbors, PIMPING the children to get sympathy for Drew, and saying she ran off with another man.

But, it isn't working for them... Just making things worse.

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