Thursday, March 6, 2008

Detroit Police Department: Sweeping The Broom With One Of Their Own

Interesting that a Detroit Police Officer who fired three shots with his service revolver at his girlfriend is once again, being protected by the brotherhood of the blue badge. Not a big deal, "his anger got the best of him", according to his Sargent. Wrong response by the police department. The Invisible Cowardly Unnamed Officer should be charged with "A Felony for discharging at an inhabited dwelling." Look it up why don' t you, it's someplace there on the law books.

Whatdoes this say to all police officer's wives and girlfriends involved with those on the force whose "Anger gets the best of them". Is this how the Police Departments in the State of Michigan handle all incidents of officer related crimes?

Here's the Story: Cop facing gun charges after Canton domestic dispute

By Kurt Kuban Staff Writer
A Detroit police officer was arrested in Canton Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly fired three shots from his revolver during a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend.
Canton Police Sgt. Rick Pomorski said the officer is in his early 40s and a 10-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department. He got into an argument with the woman at her house in the Glengary subdivision on Canton’s west side when she began to move some of his stuff out of the home. Pomorski said the girlfriend is in her late 30s.

According to Pomorski, the man fired three shots from his revolver into the floor, and that the woman was not hit. The incident occurred about 1:30 p.m.

“I think this is one where his anger got away from him,” Pomorski said.

Police did not identify the officer, pending his arraignment, which Pomorski expected to happen Thursday morning in 35th District Court. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was still waiting for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office to hand down charges.

Charges could range from assault to illegal discharge of a firearm. He was being held in Canton’s jail pending his arraignment.Pomorski said the victim wanted to press charges after the incident.“She’s doing OK, just complaining about some bumps and bruises,” he said. “She does want to press charges and she is adamant of her fear of this man.”Pomorski said the woman refused medical treatment after officers responded at the scene.


Anonymous said...

The stress filled events of the girfriend leaving got the best of the officer and he just blew for a minute. You talk like he committed murder. He did not.
Officers should not be called out what you the copper police or somthing.

Anonymous said...

Are you wacked you said "stress caused the officer to explode" hey, he's not suppose to do that. How many others in your station don't repond or file proper reports when a family member calls for help? Betcha your department could care less. Hmm, a gun he fired isn't that criminal intent w/ a firearm and in a home. Tisk, Tisk officer protector of evil criminal cops, too bad.

Anonymous said...

Officer Steele (thats his name) should do the full jail time. Plus I think he is now on paid leave-thats not right.

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