Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Florida Police Fail To Serve & Protect?

Over the weekened a tragic murder of 17 year- old Natasha Hall happened inside her own home. She and her mother called the police on numerous ocassions. During the last call for help, just before the teen was murdered, Police informed the teen if she called again she would be arrested. This can not be confirmed by the Deland Florida police department, apparently they have "No Comment".

So what the hell does one do if they can't call the police for assistance?

Violence and threats are not childs play. This tragedy also makes me question how this Florida police department handles domestic violence related calls, in general. And God forbid, if your a cop's wife, what they might do. This is a serious epidemic.

What the teens mother must do now is rally every judge, womens advocacy group and high school to demand not only answers, but solutions. If you are a victim please contact the National Coaliton Against Domestic Violence at 1-800-799-SAFE. You can also contact that number for programs in your area for your teenager who is involved in an abusive relationship.

DELAND, Fla. -- A Central Florida woman whose 17-year-old daughter was killed in a murder-suicide apparently committed by her ex-boyfriend said the teen was told by police to stop calling for help or she'd be arrested.

Police said Clay Coffner shot his estranged girlfriend, Natasha Hall, in the head outside her DeLand home Friday before turning the gun on himself.

Video Link: http://www.local6.com/news/15330073/detail.html?rss=orlpn&taf=orlpn
Hall's mother, Sherry, said her daughter was concerned about Coffner and informed police.
In fact, Hall said her daughter called police so much that on Jan. 15 they threatened her.
"The police officer said if you call us one more time on him, I'm going to arrest you both," Sherry Hall said. "So, the day she died, she knew she couldn't talk to police. So, she handled it herself."
Michele Karpowicz said everyone noticed the warning signs before the homicide -- except police.

"I was going crazy," Hall's best friend said. "He was psycho, jealous and abusive."
Local 6 is trying to obtain a police call log to determine how many times the teen called police.
DeLand police officials have not responded to the allegations. (Source News 6)


Anonymous said...

I read about this over the weekend. The mom should raise a holy war, no reason why those officers refused to come out to the home. Prayers to the family. Lana, Miama FL

Anonymous said...

Oh boy police are gonna have a hard time explaining this one. The mother outta kind a good lawyer outside the jurisdiction if she wants to get anything done.


Anonymous said...

Gosh this is sad. She lived not far from me. Prayers , thoughts and wishes to Sherry & the family.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the reporting of this tragic situation.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the family in trying to get the station call log its probably been shredded by the police.

Myrtle Beach

Anonymous said...

Cops need to take ownership is this major screw up. It cost a girl her life because they refused to do their jibs. UK!

Anonymous said...

How come the mother didn't go down to the police station and demand help? Or the Prosecutors office? The child was a minor, no? So the mother as legal guardian of her child could have done, more?

Anonymous said...

Really sad that she died & police did nothing.

nancygracefan said...

Susan, this is such an act of police misconduct. The people responsible need to go to jail and their need to be laws passed the require serious penaltys for police and LE agencies that allow injustices like this to happen in the future.

Anonymous said...

Have there been any updates on this? Any news, actions, websites, funds for her family in her honor for Ms. Natasha Hall? Thank you and may God bless, save, and protect us.

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