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Fear-Murder-Cover-Up-Corruption on Anna Maria Island in Florida

BridgeWalk, a landmark resort: Hotel

The walls inside the rooms at the landmark Bridge Walk Resort on Anna Maria Island in Florida were apparently thin enough for guests in adjacent rooms to hear arguing and fighting.  A call to 911 for assistance was made not by Sheena Morris age 22, but, the guests in the next room because they were in fear for the woman's life.  January 1, 2009 Bradenton Beach Police Department responded to the call for help placed by the guest. Instead of doing their job, making a domestic battery incident report, per the law, the officer's turn around accusing Sheena of being a prostitute, treating her like a criminal.  The officers did not believe a word of her story, they left.  The manager of the resort also responded by informing Sheena's boyfriend, that behavior would not be tolerated and asked that he leave.

At 2:05 PM Sheena places a call herself to 911.

  To Hear The 911 Call From Sheena Click the Video Below. It is audio only.

This report of the first 911 call by the guest was not filed until approximately two days later.  More of a cover-one's-behind report, after she'd already been found dead.

Normally there isn't much happening on Anna Maria Island in the off season, except for people who've had too much to drink.  It's a slow night for Bradenton Beach police detectives so the ones stuck working that evening have themselves a poker party in the station until their shift is over in the morning.  Going on a call to a homicide, after they've celebrated a bit themselves can make for some grumpy detectives.  This equals sloppy police work on the crime scene.  Because Sheena is especially attractive, they too arrive at the wrong conclusion and her death is handled as a suicide.

At 22 years of age the life of Sheena Morris was abruptly hijacked as a direct result of intimate partner homicide.

Bradenton  Beach police never interview the guest who placed the 911 call for assistance.
Bradenton Beach police never interview the manager of the resort.
Bradenton Beach police department never test the fingernail clippings taken for Sheena and have them tested to see whose skin is under her nails.

When the medical examiner changes the death certificate of Sheena Morris from suicide to undetermined, Bradenton Beach police detectives tell her mother they aren't re-opening the investigation.

Yesterday on the show "Time's Up" we learned new information on the case from her mother Kelly Osborn. Below is the podcast.

Download Podcast - SMM 5-24-2012 

The family has started a petition and they need our help with signatures.  You can give this case a voice by taking the Petition to your own social networking sites and ask people to sign.  Just cut and paste the link below.

Please review and sign our petition 

If you have any suggestions or want to help, please visit

To the Florida Department of Law Enforcement I can reached at

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