Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday Morning Blood Bath as Chicago Officer Dannie Marchan Executes Family

Police stand guard at the scene where Chicago Police Officer Marchan and his two children were shot and their father then killed himself
BY: Susan Murphy Milano
Dannie Marchan, a Chicago Cop on the force just 4 years, executed his seven year old daughter Alizay Marchan, then shot his nine year old son who is in critcal condition fighting for his life.

Marchan, then turned the gun on himself committing suicide.

Is this yet another domestic related incident where a man was angry over the break-up of his family? Or a man who was violent wanting to get back at his estranged wife for wanting to move forward with her life.

The fact that Marchan was a Chicago cop makes it worse, using his police issued service revolved to kill his own children says a lot about who he was not as a man.

I am sure in the weeks and months to come, theories as to why this happened will sprinkle about the pages of newspapers as an unexplained and isolated tragedy.

But, it is far more than an isolated tragedy. It can be explained and it can be changed.

Is Jody Weiss the head of the Chicago Police Department ready for the answers?

I am hoping he is because seven year old Alizay Marchan's life should mean more than a brother in blue who "lost it" under his command.

When you ready to listen to solutions, Supt. Weiss, I am an email away.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is this is bullshit the man is plays shoot em up for real & the boys in blue will no0w play cover up.

Prayers to the families.

Behind The Blue Wall said...

I don't see any indicators that JW had any knowledge of what was going on.

This is so sad.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the officer loved his kids so much he pumped a couple rounds into the kids killing one of them.

He was angry/upset with Claudia.

Anonymous said...

These cases are never easy and answers are filled with woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Prayers to the family and friends during this very difficult time.

Anonymous said...

He's angry at his former wife so he kills the kids? this makes no sence. Why kill them? What did they do? Is this a way to make their mother live her lufe out in heartache & pain. My God this is very tragic and sad.

Anonymous said...

He kills his kids and the only insight is what a great guy and how this was so unexpected?

The issues in these cases are crystal clear society still doesn't get it. What a disgrace to "we serve & protect" in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Well, I knew him, and he showed no sign of depression or sign of him killing his children. In July he and his wife went to Mexico. So i assume that they were back together. My opinion she has led him to assume they were going back together for the last 3 years, which was wrong. Once divorced she was always there. He dated many women but never took it to the next step because she came back to the picture. He should been over her year ago and maybe these could have never happen. And he love his children so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they say what he really did to the little girl before he killed her.

Anonymous said...

Any man does not just murder their kids because the ex does not return that is a bad excuse for an bad father and a worse cop.

Where is the story about what he did to his child before she was murdered by her father> Oh I see-wait-lets play hide & seek with the facts in this tragic situation.

Behind The Blue Wall said...

Someone wrote: "Why don't they say what he really did to the little girl before he killed her."

I want to know,
and I don't.

I'm praying for this mom & family.


Azilay's 9 year old brother has died:

Chicago cop's 9-year-old son dies of wounds inflicted by his dad
Officer killed daughter, himself on Sept. 15
Chicago Tribune
September 24, 2008,0,6598418.story

Anonymous said...

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