Sunday, August 28, 2011

Radio Show Receives Solid New Lead in Joel Helt Missing Person's Case

Missing persons cases are often more difficult to piece together and find new information as the years pass. Technology such as computers, cell phones and tracking devices in 1987 were yet to be developed. But, when you continue doing everything you can with today's information and social network highway to keep the information on the case in the public eye as Gina Schuster has done with her former classmate, you get results.

From facebook pages to Websites and good old fashioned detective work both by Gina and the team at Management Resources LTD. of New York, the case is moving forward.

Never mind the family and investigators were denied case file access under the freedom of information act by the State Police because the case is still categorized as "active" when in fact it was not until Private Investigator Robert Rahn stepped into the case. Never mind because the 3 young men, Kelly Diaz, Wade Marks and John LaForge out with Joe the evening of Saturday, January 17,1987, whom all returned without Joe, were never interviewed by police so there are no statements as it was "claimed."

After Thursdays show where we featured Joe Helt's case on Time's UP, solid and promising information was received after the broadcast as to what exactly happened that night. There are witnesses whom provided specific details to Joe's last night.

Three teenagers, now men are reading this and wondering which one out of the 3 finked on them. A deal is likely still possible. Who will lawyer up first is anyone's guess. There is no doubt they were the last to see Joe. They were arguing and fighting with him. In case anyone is curious you can be prosecuted by a District Attorney without a body.

Gentlemen, this is no longer a poker game to see who folds first.

To listen to the broadcast click below.

August 25, 2011 ... The Susan Murphy-Milano Show Missing Persons Joe Helt and Vernon Jones ~ The case of Joseph Helt of Ellenville,New York, missing since January 16, 1987, when he was 17-years-old. And the case of Vernon Cameron Jones, aspiring actor last seen on New Years 1993. Read more.
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Susan Murphy Milano is a staff member of the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is a specialist with intimate partner violence prevention strategies and high risk cases and available for personal consultations through the Institute. She is also part of the team at Management Resources Limited of New York.

Susan is the author of "Time's Up: A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships,"Moving out, Moving on, and Defending Out Lives. Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time'sUp!" . She is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated "The Roth Show" with Dr Laurie Roth and a co-host on Crime Wire.

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Shari said...

My name is Sharon Mae Helt Evans and I am Joe's Aunt . His FATHERS youngest Sister . This is the best NEWS I have had in a very long time, I can not wait to make the trip back to NY to face my nephews MURDER'S ! There will be no MERCY for them JUST AS THEY HAD NOT GIVEN JOE ANY MERCY JAN 17TH 1987 ! THATS A PROMISE ! Thank You EVERYONE involved for this special GIFT !!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard they beat jp until he pissed himself when they interviewed him about joes whereabouts. Of the 3. He would be the weakest link no doubt and if he knows anything he would give it up he's a nice guy but as dumb as they come.

Anonymous said...

I am going to say something off this particular topic I know nobody wants to hear but it must be said. There was no cover up, please stop suggesting it, nobody in any form of government helped 3 lowlife burnouts cover up another burnouts murder. If they could have charged them they would have. The case wasn't taken as serious as it should have been because Joe was an asshole and nobody cared. Half the people I knew if not more thought it was possible and very likely he planned it out and skipped town. Face it if you knew him it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. The suggestions that Ellenville police chief Phil mattracion were involved are insane to the point of making this case unbearable to read about. The guy is a Dick and I know very good sources who say they have good reason to believe he has an addiction but in 1987 he was nobody and those 4 were not the people he would deal with. If you want to look into a politician maybe look at Joe stoeckler , he was a raging coke head back in those days and dealt with low rent drug dealers like Kelly. Maybe he knows something. That's as close to a government cover up your gonna get. But I have my doubts. My other thought. What's the angle here, aside from Beth I dont see anyone in that family of joes giving a crap. But every one of them will come crawling out if their trailer when this case is closed with their greasy little palms out looking for a chance to make money. I know my opinions here aren't going to be popular but that's what makes American great. I'm sure plenty of you agree. Go ahead chime in, don't waste your energy threatening me here , don't prove how much of a group of dumb white trash rednecks you are, gave some pride and stop acting concerned, admit that Joe wasn't some kid who spent his down time volunteering at the church , fact is he was probably going to break into it at some point. But no matter what Beth and that kook Gina deserve to know what happend. My money is on him being alive living in a trailer park watching wrestling and NASCAR .. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings (except for you dirtbag white trash family members who haven't cared for 24 yrs) I hope if I was to go missing my family wouldn't wait a QUARTER OF A GOD DAMN CENTURY to try and find me!!!! Again I'm sorry, Beth and Gina you guys are great, a little slow on getting things going but what you are doing is admirable. Don't let his so called family try and profit from this.

Todd said...

Dear "Anonymous",

Without stooping to your level... Here is what I can tell from your posts: You aren't man enough to say your name or to have any decency or humanity... Being a dick is easy, having compassion takes balls. You are uneducated, disloyal, and i'm sure un-loved by anyone in your life. You get pleasure out of other peoples misery because it makes you feel better about how miserable you are. How'd i do? Pretty close?

Try being human,
It'll look good on you,

Anonymous said...

Ok here is my rebuttal to the response maybe I was harsh. Certain people in this group need not be trusted. Not because they know something but because their motives are all wrong. Did I know Joe? Yes I did, I was 13 yrs old when he was killed I say killed only because I know as far as I'm concerned he didn't vanish in thin air, he didn't get lost. One of his so called friends killed him I'm sure. do I know anything no, I wish I did. I never said he doesn't deserve justice , of course he does , his family does. The ones who truly care deserve it not the ones who show up when its convenient. I know a couple of you, Martin for one and damnit if every time we spoke he would somehow mention Joe. Maybe I came across wrong. I feel strongly about gold diggers. I did call Joe a burnout he was for god sake he taught me how to make a bong out of a beer can! I didn't say that was any reason not to bring his killer to justice. I said I don't think the police took it as serious as they should because of it. That does not make it right. Not in any way. I'm sorry but the entire time joey Martin was missing I saw missing persons flyers in the most random spots. Not once prior to the recent flurry of interest discipline see a Joe helt flyer, no age progression enhanced photos nothing like that, why not? I'm not here to have a one sided debate with anyone. I'm entitled to my opinion. It's what makes this country great. My choice for remaining anonymous is for a lot of reasons , I'm saying the things a lot of people are thinking and afraid to say. And I don't want some half wit throwing a rock through my car window. I want them to bring joes killer to justice , I liked Joe even though he was a dick to me a couple times. I probably had it coming. Of the shit heads he hung around with he was fairly level headed. I'm not trying to stall this or discourage anyone. I just want the right people to get the credit they deserve and the rest who will be there shedding crocodile tears to go away and do what you did for the past 24 years. If this case got this much attention shit 10 years ago maybe by now the scumbag who killed him would be in prison. You all want to criticize me for saying what I think. But I don't see a single one of you saying who you think killed him. Go ahead instead of trying to use big words and trying to make me feel bad for being honest say it. Who do you think killed Joe? Or would you rather I say it since you all hate me already? My deepest and most sincere apologies to Beth and Gina. I mean you no disrespect I can see from everything I've read that you are passionate about this. I know you aren't doing this for the glory and fame . But I fear others will look for it and I'm sure as you read this faces and names POP into your head and you hate ME not them for it. I choose to once again remain anonymous , I dont think knowing who I am would benefit anyone at this point. I'm going to leave you with this. Not always do people understand the unpopular opinion or respect it for what it is worth for that reason many times it goes misunderstood . No matter who Joe was or how he lived his short life, no one deserves to not be given a proper burial no mother and father should have to wonder every day,where is my son, I'm sorry for upsetting you all. I will always wonder what really happend that night like everyone else. And I mean in no way to hinder that from being found out. Put me in a room with the person I think did it. Id love my shot at that drug dealing piece of shit.

beth churchill said...

For the are entitled to your opinion. And I personally want to thank you for stirring the pot. It only motivates us more to keep seeking the truth.

Anonymous said...

Something I said about Joe and myself in my last post I wanted to clarify. I said I was 13 when he died, i also said he taught me how to make a bong out of a beer can, all true. But! He did not let me smoke I didn't want to & he didn't offer and I don't think he would have let me. I said a lot of things but I didn't want people to think Joe was giving drugs to a 12 or 13 yr old boy.

Gina Schuster said...

Anonymous, it's ridiculous to attempt a conversation with someone who cannot use their name so I won't even attempt to do so. Anyone who really knew Joe knows the kind of guy he was and the comments that you've made will not take away from what we're doing. We're driven, we're committed and we're all here for Joe. He was one incredible guy and no matter what you've posted those who really know Joe know who he was. Beth, Jackie & I are causing quite a stir and the fact that you felt the need to comment proves it. We remain vigilant in our quest and we WILL solve this for Joe, for his FAMILY and for ALL who love him.

Anonymous said...

WOW! nothing I've said has been negative about the investigation or what you are doing ... But you feel the need to flex your internet muscles . Find where I said anything negative about this investigation other than the fact its over 20 yrs to late. Find it and quote me on it ... Find one thing I've said that even HINTS I'm against joes killer being brought to justice and I'll make you happy and reveal who I am. Don't see what the big deal is but if that makes you happy so be it.

Gina Schuster said...

How are things in WESTTOWN???? Let's see Anonymous....(I'm quoting you here)"There was no cover up, please stop suggesting it, nobody in any form of government helped 3 lowlife burnouts cover up another burnouts murder. If they could have charged them they would have. The case wasn't taken as serious as it should have been because Joe was an asshole and nobody cared." (another quote of yours) "Half the people I knew if not more thought it was possible and very likely he planned it out and skipped town. Face it if you knew him it wasn't outside the realm of possibility." (and another)"I dont see anyone in that family of joes giving a crap. But every one of them will come crawling out if their trailer when this case is closed with their greasy little palms out looking for a chance to make money." SHALL I GO ON OR HAVE I PROVEN MY POINT YET?!? You bad mouth Joe AND his family like that and then say that we're flexing "internet muscles" when we respond. At least we're not AFRAID to use our names. Look, we appreciate what you said about supporting Beth and I (and Jackie) in our quest to help Joe. What we DON'T appreciate is the way that you've bashed Joe and his family. You can't come onto the internet, hide behind the guise of "anonymous" and expect people to remain silent. Enjoy your time there in Westtown!!!!

Anonymous said...

Westtown? What the hell are you talking about? Perhaps I missed something. Apparently you have never been ripped off by any of joes extended family, consider yourself lucky. The people I bashed know who they are, they are the ones who haven't cared about what happened that night for 24yrs and still don't until a camera crew is around. Give me a break. Watch what happens when & if this case is solved it will be disgusting all the distraught family members who will show up looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Sorry Gina but joe was a burnout joe did do drugs joe did hang out with a bad crowd but I never said he deserved to be killed and not at least given a proper burial and his mother certainly didn't deserve the years of wondering what happend to her son. 24 years later you want to try to convince everyone joe was a choir boy honor student who got in the wrong car that faithful night. Not hardly! Half the people I see commenting on this are so full of shit it makes me laugh. Most of you didn't know joe, didn't hang out with joe, wouldn't talk to joe because he was what you considered to be "below" you and now you tough talk me for being honest, hypocrites, every one of you. While you phony ass preppy wanna be's were listening to Phil Collins and wham joe was banging his head to ozzy and Ronnie James dio , while joe was smoking weed you shitheads were taking stolen perscrption meds and snorting cocaine. Say what you want about me and my choice to remain anonymous. You phony shits all know I'm right. How many of you dicks volunteered and searched that mountain, I didn't, but my father and uncles did for days straight even though even then everyone knew he wasn't there. Westtown?

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