Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ten Years Later Murder Case Finally Solved

By Susan Murphy Milano
There is hope for unsolved cold cases, murders when law enforcement continue to work on a case, even after ten years.
Dawn Brossard was reported missing on Oct. 25, 1997, in Wisconsin.
Hardly a surprise that David Brossard, her estranged husband, was the last person to see Dawn alive. As in most of these cases where there is a pending divorce or abuse in the relationship, you don't have to look very far for the person responsible.

David at the time spoke with law enforcement acknowledging he spoke with Dawn in the parking lot of the State Financial Bank in Burlington, where she worked. Dawn's car was found locked in the parking lot.
In July 2003, nearly six years after Dawn was reported missing, recreational scuba divers found her body in the bottom of Geneva Lake, according to authorities
According to reports, the body was found in 120 feet of water, wearing the clothes she had on when she disappeared.
The keys to her car were in her pocket.
Investigators at the time said the body was held down by a weight and chain. Her hands were bound.
Sheriff's department investigators later revealed that they believed Dawn was murdered, but they declined to comment further at the time.
David offered to take a lie detector test and allowed police to search both their home and his truck, according to reports at the time, but the searches turned up nothing suspicious.
A New York City FBI team of 12 divers came to Williams Bay in September 2005 to help with the investigation.


Anonymous said...

I heard David big baby broke down in court. Gee, too bad you could not walk away from Dawn. You had to kill her.

You are a coward David Brossard.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, the only people who broke down was his family, friends and loved ones. He is a strong man and you will eat your words when the truth comes to light

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