Monday, September 8, 2008

Dangerous Women

By Susan Murphy-Milano

Larry Morris, Ph.D Author of “Dangerous Women”: Why Mothers, Daughters and Sisters Become Stalkers Molesters and Murderers, will be guest on Justice Interrupted Crime Radio Network.

Dr. Larry Morris, a clinical forensic psychologist for more than thirty years provides an interesting framework to understand dangerous women. Throughout his book he offers a panoply of examples of women as perpetrators dangerous to themselves and society. In light of Casey Anthony, Susan Smith , Mary Winkler, Clara Harris to name just a few , Dr. Morris will discuss his book and answer your questions on “Dangerous Women.”

Join Hosts: Prosecutor and Author Robin Sax, Police Officer and Author Stacy Dittrich, Advocate and Author Susan Murphy-Milano each week as they provide justice for those whose lives have been interupted by rape, murder, child sexual predators, strange and unexplained disappearances, domestic violence, and cold cases yet to be solved...

To listen live go to: and click on the "Click To Listen" icon. You might want to refresh your page because the icon will not show until the show starts.

Call in live at: 914-338-0663 to participate in the show!

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