Friday, March 23, 2012

Gayle McCaffrey and a Public Plea to Husband Robert MCCaffrey

Yesterday, on the Susan Murphy Milano show Gayle McCaffrey's brother-in-law Michael discussed details in the case of his missing sister-in-law Gayle who vanished on March 17, 2012.

On the show we made a public plea to Robert McCaffrey as a father to please for the sake of his two children to tell authorities where Gayle can be found.    The podcast of the entire show is below:

If anyone has any information on Gayle McCaffrey please contact the Charleston South Carolina Sheriff's office at provide your confidential tip 1-843-202-1700.  And hopefully as of this writing the family has made contact with the CUE Center For Missing Person's and registered Gayle's case here:

The Cases of Gayle McCaffrey and Nique Leili 3-22-2012

Nique Leili
Gayle McCaffrey
Two moms “disappear” without taking their cars, purse, keys and children. Both husbands claim they had arguments and left the home returning to find their wives “gone”, leaving the children completely unattended. Suspicious you say? Gayle McCaffrey disappeared 3/17/12 from her home in the Charleston, SC area and is still missing. Her brother-in-law gave Susan an update on the case and search, as details are changing daily. Nique Leilidisappeared from her home in the Atlanta area in July 2011. Within 5 days, Matthew filed for divorce citing abandonment. How did he know she wouldn’t return? Within days after that, her buried naked body was found near the home. Matthew remains the only suspect, yet no charges have been filed. Nique’ Leili’s grown daughter, Alex Page, and sister, Amy Elk joined Susan to examine some of the known details of the case. Why is it so difficult to gather evidence in these cases?  If anyone has any information about either case, or needs help with either case, please email Susan directly at

Download Podcast - SMM 3-22-2012 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

Gayle's cousin in Columbia,
Delle Sherer

Billie Burns said...

Thank you Susan. As always using your life to help families of the missing. You are such a hero to so many.

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