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Tuesday, June 28, 9pm ET

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The Sandra White case

On April 10, 2006, 65-year-old Sandra White ofWeaverville,North Carolinawas murdered by her 73-year-old husband Ray. He staged the house to make it appear that the death was the result of a robbery gone bad. He went so far as to drive down the highway and throw Sandra’s purse out as a robber may have done. However, after several days of questioning by the police, Ray White confessed to the murder. He was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter and posted $100,000 bail.

And then things turned a bit weird. The judge released White to the custody of his brother, David White, inFlorida. Sandra’s family believes that today Ray is living inSt. Petersburgand enjoying life as a free man. The now 78-year-old has yet to stand trial in aNorth Carolinacourt. The family’s efforts to get answers fromNorth Carolinaauthorities have met with non-responses, inaccurate information and stonewalling.

Joining us to discuss the case will be Gene Cervantes of Citizens Against Homicide and Sandra’s niece, Tamara Cramer

Monica Caison

This week’s guest for the hour is Founder of CUE Center for Missing Persons, Monica Caison. For the last 17 years, Monica’s organization has served families of high profile missing persons cases as well as those who never make headlines. To her, there is no difference, “Every missing person is someone’s child….”

Offering a wide range of free services, CUE has since helped more than 9,000 families in what is often the most confusing and desperate times of their lives. In addition to providing services for the missing and their families, CUE offers college internships and youth mentoring programs.

CUE is entirely donation funded and staffed by volunteers, including Mrs. Caison, who takes no salary from the organization.

What was simply a dream, name and purpose, is now a nationally-recognized center that answers hundreds of calls for help each year.

Joining Monica Caison will be the father of missing Jessica Lowery.

Jessica Lowery, 25, disappeared in December of 2005. Her family now hopes that anyone with information will come forward. Since her disappearance, there has been little to no information in the case.

Family members fear the 25-year-old was hanging out with the wrong crowd, they now hope the CUE Center for Missing Person’s can help.

For more information about Jessica Lowery, please visit the official website: http://jessicalowery.com

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