Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ashley Ann Sullivan: Another Tragedy

Ashley obtained a court order of protection because her former boyfriend was violent from a Michigan court in December. Four days before Christmas Shaun Eric Haugen who had a no-contact order prohibiting any contact with Ashley from the court was re-arrested for violating the very judge's order that was 'suppose" to protect her on January 5, 2010.

On January 14, 2010, Haugen was released from jail, again. All authorties could do was warn Ashley this human trash was being released onto the streets. Just hours before the slaughter Shaun wrote one final entry on his face book page " Hey I need to say goodbye..hurt is too much to bear. " Within an hour after that final entry on Sunday morning, January 17, 2010, he broke into a home where Ashley Sullivan was living. He killed her and her step-father before turning the gun on himself.

Ashley Sullivan did everything in her power to keep this violent criminal away from her by filing police reports, having him arrested and obtaining a court order of protection.

How are women like Ashley suppose to be safe when another persons rage and control cannot be bound by a piece of worthless paper? Yes, in my opinion an order of protection will not prevent murder. And in many cases it will only enrage the abuser to beat, rape, hold hostage, torture and murder the person with whom has ended the relationship.
How did this man have access to weapons? Why didn't police obtain a search warrant and look for weapons in his home? Did he have a foid card for the weapon he used? Did others know he had guns? Did anyone think to place a GPS monitoring device on this bozo the first time he violated the court order?

We will likely never know because those who could speak have been forever silenced.

Family and friends have created a tribute to Ashley Ann Sullivan, age 25, on HERE on face book.


Anonymous said...

VISITATION & FUNERAL: Visitation is this friday 4-8 at the Zion Lutheran Church in Lewisville
Funeral is saturday 11 am at the Zion Lutheran Church in Lewisville with lunch following afterwards.

DONATIONS: An acct has been set up & donations are being accepted for The children. Donations should be dropped off at:

Farmers State Bank, located at 301 West Lewis Street, Lewisville MN

Anonymous said...

Shaun haugen was a good man and a great father despite all of the horrible things being said about him. I agree completly that the murders were wrong and the worse possible outcome of a situation that many people including ashley exaserbated. I want people to hear and understand is that this is not as one sided as it seems.... Ashly was crazy! using there son against shawn to turn him into a puppet! Inviting him over to babysit or just to visit then calling the cops when it diddnt go just exactly as she wanted thats a dangerous game to play repeatedly when children are involved and when its simply that a head game a power and control issue. I know of many times when shaun was told he was allowed to do something then finding it was just another one of that crazy bitches traps. I dont think any of what shaun did was right by any means but you know what he was a good friend of mine and I had to watch Ashley use him and drive him insane. Look at all the heart ache and broken families, why diddnt she just walk away? I am saddened by all the tragedy. You know what? when is every one going to start looking at the big picture not just the outcome.

Anonymous said...

no shawn was not a good father. he didnt even have a job. he was a piece of shit. always has been one. always will be one. ashley NEVER used him or drove him insane. he did everthing on his own. obviously you arent good friends, you didnt even spell his name right. ashley moved on and was seeing someone else. shawns crazy ass couldnt accept it. he was the one not letting go

Anonymous said...

So a spelling slip up means I knew nothing of him? That bitch was crazy and making him crazy! Its a bit hard to get and keep a job when a crazy bitch says oh you can move home and wakes up out of a drunken stupor a few days later and calls the cops because he is there!!! Ashley was good at pretending she did nothing wrong and it was all poor poor her! We know differently, we know the hell and lies she put him through and treating his son like he was some sort of pawn to get what she wanted! Pathetic bitch pushed him too far, its to bad more people didn't get to see the psycho bitch side like we did!

Miss Sullivan said...

Reading this years after that man murdered my cousin and her stepfather. For you to call her a crazy bitch, I hope you fry in hell right along with him.

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