Monday, June 11, 2012

New Battlefield of Hope and Strength

A grueling week of treatments and  I still  managed  to smile

When you hear someone has been diagnosed with cancer, the automatic response is "death sentence."  Attitude, reduction in stress, and a healthier lifestyle are the keys to staying well.

Many who know of my work with victims of violence and stalking realize I work around the clock, still somehow trying to save strangers because, I was not able to save my own mother.

Now, over the next few months, I will put myself first.  Something I never learned how to do. Now, I do not have a choice.  On the new blog  Conquering Cancer. ME you will be able to following my progress, put me on your House of Worship Prayer List, send a card, have a fundraiser or donate towards the highway robbery costs associated with basic medical care.

This is about how your attitude can change the outcome and miracles appear.

I hope you will bookmark the page, share it with others and read the daily commentary.



hokiedokie24 said...

Susan, we love you and will continue to pray for a full recovery. I don't have to tell you how much you mean to the Harrington family. You were the first person I turned to over two years ago. Thank you for helping families everywhere.

Kenny jarels

hokiedokie24 said...

Susan we love you!!!! Thank you for always helping me to get Morgan Harrington's story aired. Now it's our turn to help you.

Kenny Jarels
Roanoke, Va

deskside said...


My prayers are with you. Fight!


Unknown said...

You will fight this like you have fought everything else in your life but now you have thousands of angels holding you up when your wings are too tired to fly. Love you. - Amy

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Heather and I are behind you in prayer.

If cancer should fear anyone, cancer should fear you!

Love always,

Peter Hyatt

Heather Hyatt said...

You are in my prayers.

dadgum/Jean said...

My prayers are with you Susan! You are strong, and in this battle, strength matters. Along with strength, restoration and joy matter too. Be sure to give yourself plenty of both!

katfish said...

Susan, my prayers are with you! When I think "strong woman", you are the person that comes to mind. Put on your "warrior" panties and kick this cancer out of your body just as you have went after those cops who have victimized their family. HUGS from another IL girl.... Kathy Fisher <3

Lemon said...

Ms. Murphy Milano-

Now is the time to be your own best advocate. I wish you strength and courage on this new journey. There is hope, and I am living proof. You are in my prayers.

Bon Courage from a Survivor

Tania Cadogan said...

Hugs you tight Susan.
Think positive, keep smiling and you will beat it.
Sending love,positive thoughts and good vibes your way.

Lots of love,hugs and smooches

Hobnob xx

PS my word verification was eeiovio
Methinks old McDonald had a few pints too many

Donna R. Gore said...

Susan: To hear you say the words "Me First" is like a symphony to my ears! TIME'S UP for others to give back to you now... With all of the healing techniques and the collective positive will beat this.... and we are here to help!

You know how I feel... I would walk a million miles in the desert for you.... and scale Mount Everest! Whatever it takes to get you to the "New and Improved Susan"


Unknown said...

Susan You true mission just began. Again as always you will perform as a champ with class and you will help a lot people. Health Care need Transformation and you will help us all carry the Torch of Victory over Cancer and a decaying Health Care!!!


Dalal Akoury,MD

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