Friday, March 9, 2012

The Keeper of Deadly Secrets on August 14, 2005 : Amanda Jones Case

On today's Time's Up broadcast we featured missing, pregnant Amanda Jones 26, a victim of intimate partner violence leading to homicide who vanished from Hillsboro, Missouri on August 14, 2005.  Her mother Bertha Prospst joined us, and we learned so much about the events of that day including; investigators not bothering to interview a close friend who knew important details that could have resulted in furthering the case early on in the investigation.

The last person to have contact with Amanda on August 14, 2005, while she was alive was Bryan Westfall, the father of her child.  He was at one time a college professor let go by a university for sexual harassment.  Westfall also worked as a grounds keeper at the Civic Center where he requested Amanda met him that day. This would also be where her car was found.  It was unlocked with a ultrasound picture of the baby inside.  Missing was Amanda's keys, purse and cell phone.  She likely never made it out of that parking lot.

This is not a case of some missing pregnant mother.  In my opinion Amanda Jones met her fate when entering the parking at 1:00 PM on August 14, 2005.  All because she refused to abort the baby in the early stages of the pregnancy.  The case of mother and baby falls under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004.  A law in passed after the murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn child were murdered.  Now, investigators need to handle this cold case as a double homicide.

We discuss important circumstantial facts in the case along with Monica Caison, CUE Center Founder for Missing Persons.  The case is also registered with the organization.  Interesting to note that both Bryan Westfall along with his long time love interest both lawyer up.  It's rare in these types of intimate partner cases for a girlfriend to hire an attorney.  This is an immediate red flag and I believe once you listen to the podcast from the show you'll agree.

Download Podcast - SMM 3-8-2012

There is a new investigator on the case along with numerous sets of expert eyes ready to take the case from cold to that of immediate action.  

I have a suggestion for the current love interest of Mr. Westfall's might I suggest you consider completing the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit located at Those wearing similar shoes in other cases I've been involved with somehow met with an unexpected fate with their own life.  They, the keeper of the secret and holder of the love torch didn't count on the fact when a person kills once, you can bet, they will do it again when they are cornered.  It goes beyond pattern of conduct.  Remember when you've practiced on one, it's easy to perfect on another.

Please visit the following websites and if you have any information, please contact local authorities:

Kelly Rothwell or    A second case, that of Kelly Rothwell who disappeared from Clearwater, FL in March 2011, is coming up on its one year anniversary and needs to be solved. Please .

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Donna R. Gore said...

Such a tragic case and so many red flags ignored! It is indeed sad that Amanda may have inadvertently set the course of events when she brought along the picture of the sonogram.

Was she going to ask for child support instead of the abortion money that was offered? Maybe a photo would make it seem all the more real and human ...and she somehow thought that the father of her new child could have some kind of presence, if not a small one. Did this send him into a rage?

Did he use his critical thinking skills as a computer science teacher and knowledge of the civic center landscape to commit the crime of two murders in the bowels of the facility...or in the woods near where an accomplice boarded horses?
We don't know for sure... but it appears like a possible scenario. Two lives needlessly lost. Was this woman and her baby another "object of his harassment gone way beyond the reason for his firing?
In any case, they deserve to be found and brought back to their loved ones, including an older child/sister who must live a life devoid of a mother's closeness.



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