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CUE Conference for Missing Persons: "In Support of A Journey"

CUE Center for Missing Persons National Conference Taps 3 ImaginePublicity Clients for Presentations

CUE Center for Missing Persons
For the past 8 years CUE Center for Missing Persons has sponsored a National Conference for the benefit of educating those who work with families of the missing, bringing awareness to the vast numbers of missing persons, and, most importantly, providing a place for families to meet and share together in one of the worst tragedies of life. Bringing it all together each year is an accomplishment by the founder of CUE Center, Monica Caison, and her wonderful Board Members and staff of tireless volunteers.
From CUE Center website: Join us for our upcoming national conference for missing persons and all who work in the arena from advocating, volunteerism, investigation, search and rescue and identification process of those who are lost. This event is open to all who support the mission of finding a resolution for families who have suffered a missing loved one and been left a victim of crime.
The National Conference, titled “In Support of the Journey,” will be held in Wilmington, NC March 22-25.
This year’s Conference, as all those in the past, will feature many speakers, presentations and classes for the attendees. ImaginePublicity is proud to have 3 clients who have been invited to present this year:
Susan Murphy Milano,ImaginePublicitySusan Murphy Milano: Document the Abuse
Returning by popular demand from last year’s conference, Susan will be teaching a class on Document the Abuse utilizing the information from the website and the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit. Many missing persons cases are the result of intimate partner violence.
Diane Fanning,ImaginePublicityDiane Fanning: Through the Window; The view from a “Crime Writer”
Several of Fanning’s true crime books are cases which resulted in a missing person, the most well-known, Mommy’s Little Girl, which tells the story of Caylee Anthony from the point she was a missing little girl until her remains were found and her mother charged with murder.
Donna R. Gore, ImaginePublicityDonna R. Gore, LadyJustice: Shattered Lives: The Aftermath of Crime”
Through her well researched blogs and her new radio show,Shattered Lives, LadyJustice reaches beyond the crime and into the aftermath where many surviving victims find a maze of confusion. Through her own experience as a survivor of homicide, she brings the audience information that’s needed.
There will be many other wonderful and well qualified presenters including:
Kelly Jolkowski: Awareness 101 (mother of missing Jason Jolkowski)
Robert Cooke: Awareness 101 (father of missing Rachel Cooke)
Patricia Totillo:The Road to Becoming a Search and Rescue Technician
Jenna Butler: Death Declaration & Power of Attorney and Missing Persons
Chuck Elgin: Sonar 2012, Improvements and Usage Deliveries
Michelle Guarino: Gangs, Forgotten Youth and the Missing
David Francis: Bringing Jon Home; A father’s journey of loss and discovery
Midori Elbert: Exploring Human Identification


The annual service is hosted by the CUE Center for Missing Persons  in honor of those once missing, now recovered. Families from across the country attend the water front ceremony seeking comfort, supporting the thousands who remain missing in “the unveiling of the wall”. Come and join those left behind for a beautiful tribute along Wilmington’s Cape Fear River front victim testimonies,  musical dedication and so much more. Candles will be provided. The service is a part of the weekend long national conference 2012.
Saturday March 24, 2012       Time: 7:30 pm     (The public is welcome)
Riverfront Park, Downtown Wilmington Waterfront 
For complete details on presenters, and all the activities planned, please visit the website:

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