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Anonymous Poster and the Information to Murder in Mineral Wells, Texas

Blogs can be important tools in missing persons and unsolved suspicious deaths cases. Most people leaving a comment do so as an "anonymous"poster. Especially those with direct knowledge.

Krishonda Townsend went missing in July 4, 2010. Her body was finally found on October 28, 2011. But 367 days prior to her being found and over one thousand comments later on the case:

an anonymous poster left this important information in their comment:
Anonymous said...

This is all speculation based on some known facts.

I was thinking the same as one of the above posters, except they didn’t drive Shonda’s car. They need to search SW Mineral Wells since that is where Shonda was last seen. Boetz said that Shonda was last seen in her friend's car at the EZ Mart. Shonda had her phone with her. I think Shonda's phone got left behind in the friend's car. It was the friend's car that drove up north with Shonda's phone in it.

They are not going to be driving around very long with any evidence and they aren't going to drive Shonda's car and/or her body in it on a major highway with extra cops patrolling because it's the 4th. They got rid of the evidence fast and in critical order, which meant,

first the body,
second the car,
and lastly the cell phone was the least concern.

1st Body -- Probably down Ferguson road just 2 blocks west and 3 blocks south of SW 15th ave. Ferguson road goes through to SW 22nd street in an unpopulated place between 2 fields of trees where there's a place they can go off road easily and not be seen by any witnesses. They dumped out her body, but didn't get rid of her phone that was left in the console or dash. Shortly thereafter, the phone was used to stall the mom by sending that text that Shonda was on her way home.

2nd Car -- Then they went to get rid of Shonda's car. They used the friend's vehicle again to follow the guys driving Shonda's car to give them a ride after they left Shonda's car in front of the crack house. They didn't walk back from the crack house. Then the friend's vehicle was borrowed again to give 2 people a ride up north and it still had Shonda's phone in it. Shonda's phone received incoming calls in the friend's vehicle while up there so they turned it off.

3rd Cell phone -- After getting back to MW where they started next to TS & her bf's house, they stopped at a gas station on 180 and tossed the cell phone into field. Someone said they found a cell phone behind Tommys.

I can't help but to imagine that the same person who tossed her phone, is the same person that tossed her keys across the field from her car at the crack house.

July 22, 2011 1:06 PM

The information the person above left on the blog is where Krishonda was found. We did forward the poster's comments at the time to the appropriate authorities. Numerous comments were tagged and sent on a regular basis. Today, someone noticed and called out that specific comment from July in their remarks.

Now, there is a killer free and living among the town folk in Mineral Wells,TX. They are going to the same gas station and ace hardware as you. This person is in Walgreens picking up a prescription or Jack-in-the-box grabbing a bite to eat. Maybe they live down the street from you or your family.

The individual that posted the July 22, 2011 information likely felt that by posting without using their name was noble, but to me it ranks right up beside the individual who killed Shonda.

I understand no one out in Mineral Wells Texas trusts law enforcement. So I am making a plea to the "secret" poster of July 22, 2011, if you reach out to me, the information you provide will be given directly to where it needs to go. Without using your name or personal information. Many cases are eventually solved because people trust what I do and know that keeping a source confidential is key to making a case.

With each day that passes in withholding information you are allowing a murderer to live life, in your community.

I hope you will contact me. My email address is

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perdido said...

wouldn't law enforcement be able to identify this anonymous poster - I've seen many bloggers do so on their own...if you need a name I'll be happy to provide one...

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