Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HBO Network Show "Entourage" Sanctions Domestic Violence and Murder

Actor Jeremy Piven Plays Ari Gold on the hit HBO series Entourage

I know this is "only" a television show and its edgy wit is what their loyal viewers expect but, the episode over the weekend sent the wrong message.

In the show Piven plays a high powered agent to the stars in Hollywood. When his character Ari Gold is asked if he has a pre nup agreement with his wife the response is:

"I will kill my wife first before I'd let that happen."

Women are being slaughtered in their homes on a daily basis and to think that such a show doesn't have an impact on someone watching who is distraught or angry over their marriage ending, think again. Giving a character this loaded line is no different than handing a viewer a full chamber of bullets.

The impact of this show says to its’ fans that murdering ones’ wife is okay. Every time this episode airs the HBO network is sanctioning murder within the family.


Carole student NYU said...

I can understand your point the show should be yanked. Sends a really bad message.

Anonymous said...

I’m very angry,at this entire situation how can the writers think it is okay to write these words. Why hasn;t anyone picked this up?

Elle, Burbank CA said...

I love this show and have a times on to tape because I work nights. Ari Golds character is a work hard play hard guy. In his world yea it would be nothing for him to wipe out his wife. Lots of men living in California with high powered jobs on wife #2,3,4 have thought the same thing. To put it out there though a bad vibe or the wrong message. In the real world men are killing the kids and wives over financial matters. The violence community should be outraged along with the enterainment media folks.

Victoria Hart said...

Great work here Susan; you are inspiring to me.

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