Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drew Peterson "I Didn't Care Then, I Don't Care Now"

"Eighteen months said Drew Peterson, I didn't care then and I don't care now" [refering to Thomas Morphey and the immunity deal with the State's Attorney moving a body in a blue barrel]

With microphones shoved in Drew's direction. News reporters asked questions in the driveway of Stacy Peterson's home. I think her name is still on the title of to the house?

Oh wait, I am confusing this with the recently signed car title to live-in bed warmer Christina Raines. Can he do that? Was the title of the car driven and owned by Stacy in Drew Peterson's name? Or did he go ahead and sign Stacy's name anyway to the car title? You know he's good at signing people's names to documents living or deceased.

Take Kathleen's Will as an example. Yes,another media event, as Drew Peterson's legal marshmallow roaster take's the issue of Kathleens estate, all the way to the supreme court.
Send that man a bag of campfire marshmallows. Because that's the only thing that will stick to the bottom of his shoe's after he is turned down at the supreme court on Kathleen Savio's Will.

Martin Glink, one of the attorneys representing the Kathleeen Savio’s family, did not consider Brodsky’s appeal to the Supreme Court to be much of a threat to his case.
I would doubt very much the Supreme Court would find this novel enough to hear,” Glink said.“I don’t think it raises any conflict among the judicial circuits,” he said. “I think what the appellate court did and what Judge Goodman did was correct.”

Come to think of it, the bed in Drew Peterson's home belonged to Kathleen Savio, wife #3. After her death, on the day of Kathleen's funeral Drew had a moving truck and hauled everything inside the home a few blocks away to his new home he bought with his current wife Stacy Peterson. The bed was moved into Stacy and Drew's master bedroom.

But, wait, I keep forgetting the same bed occupied by wives #3 and #4 is now occupied by Christina and Drew. I hope at least Drew shelled out money for a new matress.

Now the trick is for Drew to declare in a court of Stacy abandoned him. You remember Drew said she's not comming back and he wants to get married. How would he know for certain Stacy is not returning?

Unless, wait a minute. Thomas Morphey is telling the truth!

Could it be? Thomas Morphey is not as crazy as Drew and "The Legal Marshmallow Roaster" would have us all believe and a body was carried down those stairs.


Anonymous said...

I am sure in his sick mind Drew thinks he has done right things both with Kathleen as with Stacy. Any remorses? I do not think so. After these long 18 months he probably believes in his own stories... That's really sad but we cannot help.

I wonder what kind of documentation he is going to present or has already presented during the car deal proving Stacy has no right to their property. He threw even away Stacy's personal things after Christina moved in. Does he keep them anywhere or just treated them as some sort of garbage?

The more I think about the story, the more I am convinced Christina Raines helped Drew to get rid of Stacy and that they have had an affair much longer than they say. Her short moving-away was just THEIR stunt IMO because she was to testify before GJ. She did and returned. What does she know that Drew is going to buy her with all the promisses and presents? Is that all to prevent her from speaking? I cannot see love to her in his eyes nor even fascination.

As for Tom's story, it is additionally confirmed by Cassandra who had seen blue barrel in the garage with (probably) chlorine sachettes inside BEFORE Stacy disappeared.

He is just another item on the looooooong Drew's list of people lying or being confused ;)
Is there anyone believing in his innocence? People around him can be devided into those who do not believe and speaak, and those who are given rewards for keeping their mouths shut.

Delilah said...

Drew is very busy playing his shell game. If he creates enough attention "over here" with the antics and stunts he pulls for the press, then we forget what he did "over there"!

Very likely he didn't plan on Tom Morphey spilling his story to the press. It concerns me that Morphey's story has not yet been told before the Grand Jury and that Brodsky is spinning it to the press as they don't believe in his story or he has nothing to tell!

The whole world is wrong and Drew is being truthful....yea, right! Sell me the London Bridge!

Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson will have his day in court. Either on earth or before God.

BTW, great post as always.

Anonymous said...

Has Brodsky ever been inside a supreme court? I doubt it.

He's milking this for all he can. And that's great but it won't help over rule the earlier courts ruling.

The legal system provides more rights for the killers. Victims have no voice. This case is a sad example of how a DA's office screws up and an ambulance chaser attorney keeps his client from being charged.

This is an injustice!

Anonymous said...

Mortgage fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud. Fraud and theft, along with " uncle-executor Carroll" Drew is in deep doo doo and he's buying time. He thinks he's above the law and so far he is. Laws to him are made to be broken and yet as a cop he enforced laws against others every day.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to guess how many more "cops" there are out there like him!
Is it illegal what he did with Stacy's car?

Citizen for a Free Bolingbrook said...

Claar definitely has a "'Boss Hog' I am a god" complex which perpetually creates embarrassments and disasters for all of Bolingbrook.

For example, Drew Peterson is a free man only because of the wretched cronyism protecting him in Bolingcrook Village Hall and in the Police Department. Only a change to honest Village leadership/new Mayor will allow a truly unhindered investigation to take place.

Remember our "Boss Hog" Mayor Roger Claar and Drew have a long history. Boss Hog rehired Drew Peterson in the 1980s after he was fired for taking money from drug dealers and giving up undercover cops to the druggies (Boss Hog was Police Commissioner back then).

Then more recently Boss Hog Claar accepts Peterson's resignation over the objection of then Police Chief Ray McGury (McGury was actively investigating Peterson for internal misconduct at the time). On top of this Boss Hog then rewarded Peterson with a full pension after Savio and apparently Stacy were murdered. And then Boss Hog Claar harasses McGury to no end until he leaves and takes a job back in Naperville (too honest a Police Chief for Boss Hog).

Now Boss Hog's Election Board political cronies have illegally said that Bonnie Kurowski-Alicea can't be on the ballot for Bolingbrook Mayor against him in our April 7 Mayoral election. But Bonnie shocked Boss Hog and his cronies in running against him as a write-in Bolingbrook Mayor candidate.

Bonnie really cares about justice (unlike Boss Hog Mayor Claar and the Bolingcrook Police Department) and resolving these outstanding Peterson wive's murder/missing cases is a high priority for her. As Mayor she can get rid of the corrupt cops and get to the bottom of the Kitty and Stacy cases.

Please actively get everyone you know in Bolingbrook to vote for "Bonnie Kurowski-Alicea" as write-in candidate for Bolingbrook Mayor on April 7. Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Thank you for making a difference for Kitty, Stacy, and all of Bolingbrook!!!

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