Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lilly Aramburo A Plea For Justice

The murder/disappearance of Lilly must be investigated and solved. Yes, I said murder. I realize there is no body, yet, but she indeed, has met with foul play and in my opinion, been murdered.

We need to review important facts in this case that have no doubt escaped the Miami Dade Police Department and possibly prevented law enforcement from looking for her body.

One of the last person(S) who was with Lilly at the time is Christen Pacheco, (pictured above) and her fiance. Allegedly, Christen waited more than twenty four hours to report Lilly's disappearance. He did not even contact Lilly's mother. The couple also had a history, although undocumented, by the police who reposnded to the cries for help of domestic violence.

Lilly, just a few weeks prior had been informed by Lilly that Christen Pacheco was "a former green beret" and if anything every happens to her, Christen told Lilly she could make her disappear.

Christen Pacheco also owned a new Black Cadillac SUV. Within a few short days of Lilly's disappearance Christen stated to a friend of Lilly's his car was totaled in a wreck. Was it totaled or disposed of due to damaging evidence? Where is the police report on the accident and damage to the car? And how about the insurance company? Why did they not receive notice and a police report on the totaled SUV? Has the SUV already been taken to a junk yard and crushed?

Could the Black SUV been used to transport a body and then destroyed? In my opinion, it is a possibility.

Within a mile from where Lilly vanished is a lake. The Lake is simple enough to search, but it appears no directive has been given by the Miami Dade County police to conduct a search.

Actually, Lilly Aramburo does not appear in the Miami data base. And she has never been on an active case board within any law enforcement agency, since day number one.

A former Miami Dade Police Detective by the name of Michael Michetti has come forward to offer his assistance on the case. So far, the Miami Dade Police Department has not even responded to Mr. Michetti's inquiries.

Is a human life worth so little that an entire police force ignores family friends and most all a mother who did not deserve to have her life cut so short?

In the days ahead, we will be providing more information on this case.

If you have any information about Lilly or her disappearance, please email me. All leads and information will be provided to the Miami State Police and the Governor's Office in confidence regarding this case.

Please also consider sending letters of outrage to Governor Charlie Crist at

Office of the Executive DirectorE-Mail: Charlie Crist

Please email me at


Unknown said...

Susan, reading this story (stories, actually, so thankful for you) you cared enough to write and share with so many others about Lilly, is very emotional to read. I try to imagine how Lucely, Lilly's Mom and Janet, Lilly's one true friend and even beautiful Palden, Lilly's little boy upon seeing these precious words of yours.

But, try as I might to put myself in their shoes, I can't imagine, how could one imagine, unless you've also endured the torture they have been forced upon them throughout each 300 plus days it's been since Lilly vanished into thin air.

Although it may not usually in my nature to be at all vindictive, I can't help that hope that Christen stumbles across your story, to hope that he begins to tremble feels the panic that he should.

For while he goes about his life doing whatever sick and twisted things he no doubt goes on doing, Palden wakes up each morning one day further away from the distant memory of his Mommy. And while Christen continues to participate in the revolting online activities which have been discovered to be part of his hedonistic life, Lucely along with her Palden, goes out onto the streets of Miami, each day scraping out a living by selling flowers, having no option other than to post and pass out Missing Person flyers of her Lilly, late into the night.

But, what can we do? So helpless or not? Perhaps it would be easy to be, but it's not...look at just one photo of Palden and I think you'll know why we must care, we can't allow these precious people of Lilly's to continually be abused by MDPD, please speak up for Lilly, let Palden know that his Mommy was loved.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Miami!!!!

This entire situation is giving Miaimi such a bad name, as it should!

Has this city no compassion, how could this go on???

Why hasn't local Miami media covered Lilly's story yet?

Shame on you, Miami...shame on you...

Anonymous said...

"Is a human life worth so little that an entire police force ignores family, friends and most of all a mother who did not deserve to have her life cut so short?" SUSAN MURPHY MILANO


Anonymous said...

Susan, you are the REAL thing, thank you for being such a beautiful example to all other media outlets of what it looks like to passionately provoke change.

You're a fantastic image of courage with a heart amazingly in tune with the silent as you passionately give them a voice.

This world is a better place because of you.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage! What is wrong with law enforcement? Obviously they DON'T value life. I saw the image where Lilly disappeared from and you can see a canal very close by. To my outrage I have learned that the police have never searched that canal. That entire police department should be investigated! What are they doing? Too busy eating donuts and harassing antiwar activists? I'm so ashamed and disgusted with The city of Miami and Miami Dade Police.

Miami, it's time for you to do something. Do as Susan said, write to the governor, the media and pick up the phone to call them as well. This case desperately needs media attention and justice to prevail. This incompetence by police is totally unacceptable. Is there an independent review panel looking into this? If not, there should be.

Thank you for telling her story. Keep up the good job. The bad guys should be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting Lilly's story out there.

I pray she is found soon and justice is served.

Anonymous said...

I pray every night that the media picks this story up and demands answers.

Not only to the question "Where is Lilly", but also to find out why the police don't seem to care

How do the Miami Police prioritize missing people's cases these days? How easy is it to get away with murder there?

Obviously all it takes is an imagination and a made up story about bungee cords and flower picking at 2am- and you are home free.

Maybe Lilly is picking flowers on the same beach Stacy Peterson is dancing on.

I pray that Tim Miller's heart speaks to him and tells him that this beautiful little boy needs to know that his mommy didn't leave him, that she loved him.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful article, Susan...thanks for bringing this tragic case into the public eye. Also was inspired by your guest appearance on the Dana Pretzer radio show last night...keep up the good work. Many prayers that Lilly might soon be found.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What DOES it take for the Miami PD to take action? Im sure that the crime rate there is astroniomical, but - that isn't Lilly's, or her family's fault! She deserves justice.

If anyone has any type of template email that they are sending, if posted, I'll be more than happy to participate in an email blast to everyone I can. I have done such in the Brandi Laurent case and while it was only a tiny thing, at least it was something.

Thanks for caring, Susan.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Susan, thank you so much for putting Lilly's story out there. It seems like a total travesty that the Miami PD has taken so little interest or put so little effort in this case. While I understand that Lilly is not a high profile person, she is someone's daughter, mother and friend and is very much loved and missed. Let's hope that more becomes of this story. Thanks again Susan for giving this missing person the attention she deserves

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for keeping on top of this! Of all people, I think that you can make a difference, and you are doing many people just turn their heads, but YOU are making a difference!

As a woman, I am grateful and touched that you have taken the time to speak up for someone who needs your help.

I hope Lilly is found...I have been sending letters left and right...thanks for that email address.

Anonymous said...

I cannot express just how wonderful it is to have you sticking with this and helping this beautful young woman's voice to be heard. You are a true blueprint of what we need reporters to be.

There have been some amazing people getting this story out onto to forums across the internet and you are doing a great service to the world by helping them get Lilly's name into the public eye.

I truly hope that others begin to follow your lead and that justice is served for Lilly and her family.

Palden and Lilly have another angel watching out for them , you. Thank you!!!!!

Bring Lilly home to her child, and bring whomever did this to justice!!!!

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...

To Everyone Thank you-I will continue to do what I can on this case. Please note-I am not with the media-I investigate cases and provide strategies for victims of family violence and I am a published author and advocate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting Lilly's story up here... Miami needs to realize that every life is valuable and when one is missing, there needs to be COVERAGE. They should be ashamed of their city.

I hope that Lilly is found and this case can be solved and then closed.

Anonymous said...

Susan, your efforts on behalf of Lilly's family and friends is not going unnoticed. I presented the facts of this case to many crime bloggers weeks ago, and no one was willing to even write about it. Some never even answered my emails. So the outpouring of gratitude will continue because we see that you are able to stand up in the face of injustice and call it what it is.


Anonymous said...

As a woman, I am outraged that someone thinks they can get away with murder these days! The sad thing is ...they do! Why? Because, even in this day and age, there is still a network of police officers who are either overloaded, or just plain don't care. I don't know which, but it is a shame that this woman, and many others like her, can't even get listed on a database.

It is appalling that another scumbag husband or boyfriend will get off because she was never looked for.

Anonymous said...


Maybe the media will listen to you and the police will listen to them.

Someone has to hear Lilly's story and I thank you for stepping up as a voice.

Anonymous said...

How are the cops getting away with this?! Do people in this "FREE" Country we live in seriously have to deal with this Police Abuse?! Have that many people actually become this apathetic to allow something like this to continue?!

People, this could be you, this could be your daughter, your sister, your friend! Alas, is not enough, it's time to make a stand. No longer should this be tolerated, have we forgotten the very sanctity of human life?!

Thank God for Lilly's friend and Susan Murphy Milano, people of their character are sadly becoming more and more rare each day.

Anonymous said...

Susan, it's absolutely ridiculous that this young woman's disappearance is not being investigated. How ludicrous that the lead investigator can't even return phone calls which would put her on the missing person's list!! What do we need to do to get someone to listen or care on the Miami PD? I would be happy to do anything I could to help bring this case to the forefront. Thank you for all you do for missing person's like Lilly!!

Anonymous said...

Susan - I certainly hope you can get some support for finding Lilly. It is a shame the police force has not done a better job of looking for her or inquiring about her. There are several puzzling elements to this story. She could be endangered due to her own illness, she could have been harmed or she could have met with an accident. Very sad.

I think the boyfriend needs to be looked at as a potential suspect based on some of the things that have been said. Something is definetly p with him.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Thank you for being an advocate for Lilly. Her son, family and friends need to know where she is located. And if she is indeed deceased they need to know this also.

The information you have here is informative and distressing.

My prayers are with Lilly and her family.

Anonymous said...

"Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...
To Everyone Thank you-I will continue to do what I can on this case. Please note-I am not with the media-I investigate cases and provide strategies for victims of family violence and I am a published author and advocate.

May 15, 2008 2:20 PM"

My apologies for the misunderstanding, either way you are a wonderful person and doing an amazing thing.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I heard the radio show on last night. Thank you for taking a stand against injustice and giving Lilly a voice. I wish I lived in Miami. I'd march down to that police station and cause a stir. I'd have the community protesting outside their station. And tons of media too. i'd have them trembling in their boots.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making so many of us aware of Lilly's story. It is so sad to see that her case has been tossed aside, so to speak, for all this time. I too believe that something bad has happened to Lilly and fear that the lack of involvement from the MDPD has greatly hindered this case and let evidence "walk" away. It is NOT too late to help this family and her precious child.

Sadly, this is another RECENT example of "lack of involvement" in missing persons cases in MDPD. Recently, just nine miles from where Lilly disappeared from, there was a body found hanging from a tree in a back yard. It appears it had been a former roomate that had lived there and had been missing since last year. Obviously, no investigation, no searches!

I will continue to pray for Lilly's family and hope that this case will bring national attention to so many who go unnoticed!

Anonymous said...

What an effective and passionate advocate you are. Thank you for helping expose the MDPD. After all this time, an entire year now, I'm still in shock at the negligence and blatant disregard. Why does this continue to happen in cities all over the US? IMO, there is a lot of work to do. We need more laws concerning missing persons. I CAN'T understand with all of modern technologies, why hasn't anyone come up with a better database/system for missing persons? I don't think it's so difficult to attain. Right now, the way MDPD "disseminates" info about missing persons is by emailing or faxing the missing person flyer to a number of different institutions, hospitals, homeless shelters & agencies. But those agencies are not required to do ANYTHING. They can simply choose to toss it in the garbage. What if Lilly was in an institution or hospital? There is no system in place to flag her. How would anybody know?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Susan, I will be following this story to see if something is done to help this family find out what happened to Lilly. She is mother to a sweet little boy who misses her, a daughter to a mother who is bearing the pain of not knowing where her daughter is, and many friends who miss her beautiful smile. Let's hope that the investigator in charge realizes if this were his loved one, what would he expect the PD to do. Let's hope we can attract enough attention to this case to finally get some answers!! Kudos to you Susan, for giving those who aren't here a voice and the attention they deserve. Thank you Susan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing attention to Lilly and the plight of her family. It is heartbreaking and frustrating.

Lilly deserved more. Her family deserves more.

I pray this will change and the family will soon have answers.

In the meantime I support and will help any way I can to call attention to this missing person.


Anonymous said...

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