Thursday, June 21, 2012

An American Tragedy: A Serious Diagnosis And No Health Insurance

Susan Murphy-Milano, an author and fellow Forbes contributor, has made it her career to advocate for the rights of women and children. She even lobbied for the passage of 1993′s Illinois Stalking Law. Her quest for justice has been a 20-year pursuit.
Now, she’s in the fight of her life against cancer and faces one of the biggest travesties of all: no health insurance.
Susan’s life took another drastic turn in 1989 when her father, a 30-year veteran and decorated Chicago police detective, murdered her mother, Roberta, with his department-issued service revolver — a .44 magnum — then took his own life. Susan vowed to, for the rest of her life, speak for the victims of domestic violence — what she has termed ”intimate partner violence” – to give them a voice and the tools to survive.

Susan, diagnosed in early June with stage IV cancer, isn’t unlike many Americans who find themselves in similar circumstances without adequate medical coverage. Besides being pricey, the variations of coverage often don’t pay the cost of treatment. According to a 2010 survey by the Center for Disease Control, 46 million Americans are without health insurance. One person, by my way of thinking, is too many.
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Unknown said...

Susan will be in our prayers daily!

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