Monday, November 30, 2009

Hanging By A Thread

Today, Heather Thompson waits in fear counting the hours when the GPS device is removed from a man whom beat her with in an inch of her life 15 years ago.. With a piece of paper from the court prohibiting her ex-husband from having contact, she knows her life hangs by a thread.

Heather wrote today on her facebook page "The man who beat me for 3 1/2 hours then held me at gunpoint for 15 hours - the same man who mailed a death threat from prison stating that all 3 of you will die by hands (remember that we have two children together) will in a matter of hours be able to come my home or where my child attends college and no one will be the wiser. As of today, we have nothing but a piece of paper saying that he has to stay away."

"I have so many emotions running through me right now that I don't even know where to start. I am terrified for me and the safety of my children. I am angry that in a few hours he gains his freedom and I lose mine. I am angry and frustrated about the fact that he has taken away my ability to financially provide for my children. At 38 years-old I am unable to work fulltime due to the ongoing health issues that are all related to the years of abuse. I am tired, tired of the ongoing fight I've been fighting for the last 15 years to keep him in prison and everything that has gone along with ensuring our safety. "

Heather Thompson fought to keep this violent offender behind bars. When he continued communications with her from prison while under a court order prohibiting contact, this remarkable woman got the State to pay attention and additional time was added to his prison term. The anger built up over these years by this offender is similar to a bullet in its' chamber waiting to be fired. These violent men do not change. It is likely he will seek revenge on Heather for what "he feels and believe's she has done to him." Never mind how he wound up in prison in the first place. That is his property and often as a last act of control, an offender will sit and wait until the time is right. After all, in his mind he has had many years to decide, when, where and how.

Heather goes on to say "So what now? I will implement our safety plan and will be doing all I can to protect my family. I am asking that all of you who believe in the power of prayer, to please pray for our safety but also pray for Tommy(the offender). He needs your prayers even more than I do."

Like most victims, once they have moved on with their lives, they hope and pray that the person responsible for the violence will also find peace to move on with their lives.

Frankly, this will never be over for Heather Thompson and her family. She, will always have to watch her every move from a parking lot at a mall to filling up her car for gas at a quickmart.

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Anonymous said...

Heather Thompson had many many chances to "relocate/move" to start a new life but elected to "dig her heels" in. From the time of her abuser's (ex-husband) arrest and sentence to this point in time (removal of the GPS) she could have made arrangements to "start a new".

The ambush (by many) against the National Coalition, NC Coalition and local agencies were totally out-of-control. Heather was offered means (in more ways than one) to keep herself and her family safe but elected not to go this route. On the Today Show her own husband (#2) said that he asked her to move and she flat out said "no". The look on his face was so full of sadness and frustration, appearing to be drained.

Life is not a coin toss and especially when you are a parent who is responsible for the well-being and safety of your children from an abuser. You are their life-line and it is ultimately your responsibility to act accordingly to keep your children safe and a priority as they were/are totally innocent in DV.

If "heads" equals living - most victims would choose "heads". There is no choice between life and death, a no brainer.

I know, I know....why does the victim have to be one to uproot and leave - well, life isn't fair but I believe that the majority would pick life over death. Yes, an inconvenience but isn't your life, the lives of your children or current husband worth it?

Unfortunately, Heather and her family will have to always look over their shoulders - what a hell of a way to live when she was not and still is not at zero option.

So many victims feel that they are at zero option and rightfully so - Heather Thompson has not been at zero option - she has made "her choices" based on "her reasons".

This is not about "taking stake" - this is about keeping and remaining safe. Wishing that she would reconsider "getting out of dodge".

We all pray that Heather and her family remains safe and unharmed. Blessings.

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