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"Can't Live Without You":Can Lead To Murder

Connie Channey, a twenty-six year old mother from Des Plaines, Illinois, filed for four seperate orders of protection against her estranged husband, thirty year old Wayne Channey, before the courts granted a two year order of protection. According to court documents Connie and her two year old son left their marital residence in Knox County, Tenessee and moved to Chicago, where her family lived.

In January of 1991 Connie filed for divorce from her cruel and abusive husband. The court denied her petition for divorce and she returned to Tenessee to file for divorce. Unfortunately Wayne was granted visitation with his son.

The abuse continued to escalate with Wayne continuing to threaten Connie's life if she didn't drop the divorce action and return to him.

On July 30, 1991, Wayne wearing a gas mask, bullet proff vest forced his way into Connie's home. He tied her up, duck taped her mouth and raped her at gunpoint. Even though Connie had an order of protection, Wayne still had visitation with his son. After the attack Wayne Channey was arrested and taken into police custody the judge set his bail at $300,000 (three-hundred thousand dollars), which meant he had to come up with $30,000 or 10% cash to be released.

Finally, Wayne Chaney was facing serious charges twelve in all were pending. In a letter attached to a court document marked "Exhibit A", filed by Connie's divorce attorney--
Wayne wrote the following:

Connie Rose? Connie Krauser? Who are you?

Connie I love you so much & Max means more to me than you would ever imagine.
He's a part of me - He's my son. Max kicking his legs in the car & his eyes were
beautiful. he loves me Connie.
You know I've written and wrote and sent a tape to try to reach you. What I've
wrote and said is for real. I mean everything every word of it. I've wrote &
wrote you nice letters - I love you. You keep my heart beating. When I say I
don't want to live without Max & you - I mean it - you see the two are my family.
I'm not starting over. Max & you are special.
I have nothing without you. You say I have everything? ... What ? I'm Alone -
Memories all over this house & town - Max's Friends - this dinner table. If you were
in my place (Alone) you would Die - This isn't Easy. You don't Realize What You Have
or Who - Till it's gone.
I think if you were smart - Which you Are--at Least The Connie I Knew. You would
try the following --
1) Return Home & seek counseliung together for a week?
2) retrun & do the same for a Shorter Time.
3) Try !

Connie I'll pick you up - just try it. I hop you decide The Right Move.
It's not so bad of an idea it wouldn't Hurt. OH ENVIRONMENT THATS A
good one. Connie if you talking about this 1/2 a street in this Beautiful
country your stupid. If you saw it here you would Be in Shock. New Neighbors & Cleaner.
You know this Home is Just a Start I'm still a Stranger Here - 2 years Down the
Road I'm Eligible to Buy a Home. Look at it That way. You Haven't, Don't Test
me Connie..- Be Smart think & Act on your own.......When I came This Last date
I did Have a design Job in Arlington Heights - Still Do But When I called your
House Chrissy Hung up in me for the Last Time. My lawyer told me to think & Try
to Change my mind on seeing Max - I couldn't do the job because of no stock at
So I called ---There's No Reason For That Piece of Shit Sister To Do That.
I was only trying to Reach Max.
Her doing that was a mistake & her Actions in the past you will Remember.
I Don't Forget & you Know That.
I'm trying to start a living & A new Life Down here & Have a Lot of Pressure
on My Shoulders with ALL This Crap. I don't need it from Your Your Sister.
Please Do The Right Thing I Have Nothing to Loose I Feel I've Lost It
Already So Be Smart - Listen
Look, Walk & Think About What & Where Your At. Max needs us & He Needs A
Good Home Where He Can Be Safe & Comfortable Playing - He Needs
A Father As Well As A Family.
I Know in your Heart You Feel at Least A % of Love & Family with US.
I KNow Your Family id There - Right? So
is mine and so is your perfect Brother.
So What - we're Not Over SEA's. I Hope You Decide REALLY SOON.

I Love You

P.S. I'm not a BAD GUY - I WAS - I COULD BE.
Don't Make Me Famous. (he puts a smiley face ) This IS IT CONNIE ROSE. Think!

Within 2 weeks, Connie Channey was gunned down at the bank where she worked. Her estranged husband was killed ten days later in a heated exchange with police.

I was not shown the letter until about a month after her death. Wayne Channey wrote his wife many letters. I always believed had I been made aware he was writing and stalking Connie I could have provided the resources to keep her alive. Instead, this case among others have been the catalyst to save lives.

When a husband or a former love interest hints of death or writes words specific to you that you feel are threatening, take immediation safety precautions. If you are going through a divorce make sure your attorney is aware of any threatening communication. If you cannot obtain a criminal order of protection because there is not enough evidence then seek a civil order of protection.

The road to leaving is often not easy. You are riddled with fear and guilt with each step you take because you have been pre-programed by the abuser to think and feel less than the person you have become due to the abuse in the relationship.

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Contact the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for services available in your area. The number is 1-800-799-SAFE.


Unknown said...

Wow...this is such an incredibly powerful post! Thank You!

Donna said...

Regarding your advice to obtain an order of protection: I have read that Connie Channey had obtained four of them by the time of her murder. While orders of protection can help in some (not all) domestic violence cases, it is important that victims do NOT assume that an order of protection will keep them safe and that they take additional measures to protect themselves.

Donna said...

Adding to my last comment: protective orders are useful *IF* the abuser follows them. Victims of abuse should consider whether their specific abusers are likely to follow a restraining order or not. If not, victims should weigh the possible benefits of a protective order against the possibility that the protective order will be unhelpful or could even cause put them in more danger. It is important for victims to pay attention to their instincts about what is likely to keep them safe or increase their danger, and for advocates and law enforcement to listen to the victims when considering the best course of action to ensure the victim's safety.

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