Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Without a Body? Stacy Peterson, Lilly Aramburo and Caylee Anthony

Tonight's show is sure to be on fire with special guest and "No Body Prosecution" expert attorney Thomas A. DiBiase.

Tad DiBiase a former prosecutor and expert in "No Body Cases" will weigh in on the mysterious cases of Stacy Peterson, Lilly Aramburo, and Trenton Duckett.

August 13th 2008, Wed. at 10 PM EST / 9 CST go here.The chat room will be open and we will be taking your calls LIVE at: (347) 838-9781


Anonymous said...

In your header it has Caylee Anderson it should be Caylee Anthony.

Anonymous said...

It was a very good show, as usual. Thank you for having expert attorney Thomas "Tad" A. DiBiase. I appreciate his opinion and advice regarding Lilly Aramburo's case. All the experts say the same thing, law enforcement should have seen red flags automatically. Her case should have been treated as a homicide investigation. It's over a year later and still it's being treated as a missing person case.
As he said 'women don't just leave their children behind, even women with history of not treating their children very well.' We've always maintained that she did NOT walk out of that condo to pick flowers. Lilly was scared to death of Christen and told various people she feared for her life.

Thanks you, Susan for always taking every opportunity to tell the world about Lilly Aramburo, the Miami mother who vanished 6/1/2007. Thanks to Levi and all the experts!

I urge listeners and blog readers to make a phone call to the State Attorney's Office in Miami and ask them to investigate Lilly's case. The number is 305-961-9001 or 305-530-7679. Attorney General Bill McCollum Office, the Contact Person is: Sandi Copes Phone: (850) 245-0150.
Call them and politely ask to investigate the possible homicide of Lilly Amaburo. It only takes a minute to place the call. Or please consider emailing the Miami Herald and asking that they look into Lilly's case:

As you know, it's been a huge obstacle getting any help from MDPD. As well as getting any media attention. Your help has been crucial and we deeply appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent show. I especially appreciated the information between Mr. DiBiase and Ms. Milano
as it related to crime victims.

Anonymous said...

As usual-great show

Delilah said...

Just got a chance to listen to the show and wanted to weigh in on how good it was. It seems a lot of the same threads are woven into so many missing adult cases and until some drastic changes are made in procedures I am sure we will continue to see the same things happening.

It should not take badgering LE, media and elected officials to draw attention to any missing person case, but that seems to be the procedure that most families have to take before they are taken seriously.

Thanks for another great show.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to keep the cases in the public eye. I enjoyed the show.

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