Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Another Bloody Mess"

Jennifer Vordermann, Edgerton, Wisconsin (pictured above)

Edgerton Wisconsin, is a former tobacco town located just off the Rock River, population 4,364.

It was not suppose to happen this way. A young couple in the prime of their lives, dated for five years before marrying ten months ago.

Jennifer Vordermann wad found murdered in her home. Her husband Shaun discovered by the Edgerton Police in the house a few feet away, also dead.

Shaun killed Jennifer, before taking his own life.

Jennifer's family is now demanding answers as to why help was not made available sooner to the distraught husband. His behavior since the couple's marriage became violent and bizarre. Shaun Vordermann had the classic symptons of a jekel and hyde personality. A sweet wonderful young man who changed once the couple married.

As in most abusive and dangerous relationships Shaun called Jennifer over and over when she was away, demanding to know where she was every minute.

He stalked her at work and most outside activites with childhood friends.

According to the Janesville Gazette, the family was concerned after Shaun bought a gun a few months ago, even though he'd never gone hunting.

The situation reached a head last week, when police were called twice to the Vordermann home.

On Wednesday, Shaun sent text messages to everyone in Jennifer's cell phone list through their home computer pretending to be Jennifer and saying "I need help; call me," said a family member.

When family members couldn't get through to Jennifer on her phone, they called the police. The Edgerton police log entry for the incident reads "Subject located; all OK."
Saturday night, Jennifer called police because she had received hundreds of text messages from Shaun over the afternoon, and she was afraid he would hurt himself, Ellingson said. Police arrived at 10:50 p.m. and took Shaun to the
Rock County Crisis Intervention Center.
He was released later that night.

"They kept him for 35 minutes (for an evaluation). Family members are asking 'How do you do an assessment in 35 minutes?'"

No one knows exactly what happened Saturday and Sunday, but here's what Jennifer's family have pieced together:

As police were taking Shaun away, they told Jennifer to get rid of Shaun's gun. She hid it in the trunk of her car.

When Shaun returned Sunday, Jennifer told him she was moving out. He got in her car—the one with the gun in it—saying he was going to spend the night at his mother's house.

A dangerous move for anyone involved in a violent relationship is when you give the WARNING "I am leaving, going, moving, seeing a lawyer", never tell someone who is angry, violent and threatening your plans. Prepare as best you can and get the heck out of the way, far away.

Bad idea once you have left to call and apologize to the person for leaving.

Once you are gone remain on your guard continue to look after your safety. Do not return to the residence by yourself to gather anything, unless you have an army helping you. If you want additional directions send an email to


Anonymous said...

Good point about not looking back or returning to the abuser. A friend of mine wasn't so lucky she kept going back, then he killed her.

Anonymous said...

Were there domestic violence issues in this marriage? I read several comments about his loving her "too much"...stalking her when she was with friends, etc. Were these relatively new behaviors or was he trying to control her to the point where she was being abused and/or afraid of being abused?

Anonymous said...

You are a self-proclaimed "expert on violence? Read through your article here. Talk about blaming the VICTIM! You are clear on mistakes she made. How about holding the abuser accountable? Didn't he blame her enough - do you have to put the blame on that poor victimized young woman?!! The person with the problem was the abuser!!!

Anonymous said...

We all learned so much from this horrifying incident. So sad that it ended up this way. I didn't know either one of these individuals but it breaks my heart to read all the facts that are available to the public.

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