Thursday, June 19, 2008

Officer Jeff Pelo to Serve, Protect and Rape

A 17 -year former Police Officer, Jeff Pelo is found guilty by a jury in Illinois. He was convicted in the rapes of four women. Allegations going back from 2002. Prosecutors indicate that Pelo was careful not to leave behind evidence like semen, hair, or fingerprints.

The case was based on circumstantial evidence and witnesses who could place then ,Officer Jeff Pelo at each crime scene.

The rape of these women and the guilty verdict goes beyond victims having their day in court. For each rape victim "justice" is a dirty word. They must live with the permanent scars of their rapes, every waking hour of their lives. As do all rape victims. Until the day they die.

A trusted, appointed, lawman. Sworn to serve and protect. For these women the word rape has additional meaning betrayal. From the very system who failed to protect these women from men such as Jeff Pelo. The word rape also stands for:

Repeated- Assault- Police- Entry

In court a familiar song of sorts played out. And at one point during the trial Pelo's wife had an outburst in the courtroom "You've got the wrong man", she shouted.

The "Blue Blemish" is a reflection in a mirror into a system, that cracked long ago.

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Anonymous said...

There is never justice for a rape victim, but at least it is one more dirty officer off the force. This one can not victimize while wearing a badge and taking an oath to protect and serve.

It is a bittersweet, small victory, but maybe as time goes by it will be a wake up call to someone else who thinks they are above the law because they are the law.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Pelo is not someone you would expect to committ these crimes. He is a loving husband and father.

A new trial is Jeff's best opportunity to beat these false charges and clear his name.

Anonymous said...

Law Enforcement continues to muse that rapes are vastly under-reported. If other sex crimes are under-reported, just imagine the "under-reporting" of Officer-Involved Sexual Assaults to agencies by victims who instinctively know the agencies don't intend to appropriately and thoroughly investigate Officer-Involved Sex Crimes - because they don't want to admit the crimes occured on THEIR watches.

On July 4, 2008, I am launching the premiere website committed to the survival and recovery of victims of Law Enforcement Officer-Involved Sexual Assault (aka: LEO-ISA) - The site is not an assault on Law Enforcement. Instead, the goal of the site is to give the victims / survivors a sense of community, resources, research and suggestions for recovery, and an opportunity to be respected and treated with common courtesy and humanity - instead of being abused into silence by those who believe that crimes like Officer-Involved Sexual Assault cannot be seen to have occurred under ANY circumstances.

It is time Society recognizes that those who hide in anonymity by failing to post their names, fail to take public responsibility for their negating and/or abusive statements about victims, assert that every single victim is a liar, who thinks that EVERY SINGLE COP walks on water (knock yourself out reading about Ronald Allen VanRossum and HIS 200+ victims), and support Officers at all costs are cowards. They WEREN'T at the scenes of any of the crimes - so anything they say is, at minimum, biased heresay. Unless of course they were participatory. If any of them WERE at the scenes of crimes and have first-hand information, I'm sure the victims would like to have them deposed - Those "brave souls" can pony up any time. Contact appropriate Law Enforcement sources and demand to be part of the official investigation of ANY sexual assault wherein you can offer first-hand information that proves that the offense did not occur. Put up, or shut up. No doubt most of these anonymous posters are members of the "buds and bros" in Law Enforcement who worship at the Blue Wall of Silence.

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