Friday, June 27, 2008

Attention Citizens of Miami: Help Bring Lilly Home

Lilly Aramburo Pictured above

Yet, more photo's of a possible crime scene in Miami, Florida. Theses were taken over the weekend where it is suspected the body of Lilly Aramburo could be buried.

Yes, I said buried. The Miami Police Department have done little in the way of following up on evidence and information that has been placed directly into their hands.

Lilly Aramburo, pictured above has been missing since June 1, 2007. The case status in my opinion, is a homicide.

If everyone who reads this could take a moment out of their day and either send an email to one of the addresses listed below or call the Miami Police Department and ask the status on
Lilly's case, we will be one step closer in bringing her home. (to read more on the case go here:

Lilly's son deserves an answer. A little boy who needs to know the citizens of Miami, care about what happend to his Mother. The evidence in this case is overwhelming.
The email address for Florida Governor Charlie Christ is

Citizens of Miami: Let's bring Lilly Home!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Susan. Bless your heart for everything you continue to do for our sweet Lilly.

The police may ignore me and Lilly's family but they cannot ignore hundreds and thousands of emails!

I hope the kind folks that know & care about Lilly's case seek answers by sending emails to the police and all those you listed on your post. Together, we can make a difference! (It really does work)

Miami Dade Police ~ Detective Mancha ~ When will justice be served?? When will you search that property??? Why do you continue to disregard this case??? Where are you???

Lilly's friends & family are TIRED of begging for your help, TIRED of waiting for you to do your jobs! Aren't you sick of this perpetual cycle and habitual pattern of us having to harass you for any little help every step of the way?

We will never stop until Lilly is brought back home and Christen is held responsible for his crime...

mammabear said...

Even without the pictures, I have a difficult time understanding why the police show little to no effort in Lilly's disappearance!
Yogini, may I suggest checking out
(If you haven't already talked to her on myspace or something)
This woman is awesome, and has made a huge impact on how missing persons cases are being handled in Connecticut....perhaps she can help give you some direction.
Thanks Susan, for the updates. I was searching for a pic of Lilly the other day, when I came across all this info.


Anonymous said...

The boyfriend Pacheco there's a reason this case is being swept under-Pacheco has turned informant police can't jeopardize their case.

In exchange for information they are allowing Pacheco to walk. No one is going to look for Lucley from police. Too much work.

Anonymous said...

If I may-you are wasting your time. Body or not-Police do not care about evidence or a body-

Unless you provide where the next shipment of Heroin is scheduled you can forget any cooperation from the police on this.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it's a waste of time.. a young mother is missing. Information has been collected and it's time for Detective Mancha to step up and do something. If he is going to continue to close his eyes it's time rally together, contact and put pressure on the AG to do something in this case.

Don't forget, this could happen to anyone's daughter.. would you want it swept under the rug or would you fight for her right to justice if it was your daughter.

Anonymous said...

This article (along with 2 others written by Susan) have been submitted and might make it into Current TV if enough people vote it up. You can also help make this happen by including a link on your Myspace, Facebook, blog, or other social networking sites-tell everyone to vote!

Here are the three links:

Please remember to vote on the articles ~ it's a great opportunity to tell the world about Lilly and this terrible tragedy.

Yogini said...

The email address for Florida Governor Charlie Christ is

Please keep sending emails!

Yogini said...

MDPD is at it again.

Ignoring our phone calls and emails.

Don't know if they've followed up on that tip...

Why is it that they refuse to find Lilly? What do they have to hide???

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