Friday, February 24, 2012

Chris Brown: A Tune No One Can Afford to Play

According to the site "E"On-Line, in what they hype as "exclusive," they claim Rihanna and Chris Brown may come together again to sign a duet during an "American Idol broadcast on the same stage?  There is also a quote from Rihanna's manager saying it's not true.  But is it true?

Are the powers that sell records and book concerts testing the waters to get a pulse on the public's reaction?

Remember, Chris Brown brutally beat Rihanna on February 15, 2009, just over three years ago.  The picture we all saw around the globe was horrifying. Rihanna did not surface much or give interviews with the exception of the hour long interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC's Prime Time to discuss what happened.  The beating was the first felony charge for Brown, he was sentenced to community service and probation until 2014.Since the beating, he's been in various altercations of sorts with his temper, but has so far remained free from a jail cell.

Although Chris Brown was not sentenced to jail time, he has been sentenced by the public court of opinion for his criminal behavior.  Just recently Brown performed at the Grammy's but not without public outcry.

There are a lot of fans asking to give Chris Brown another chance.  That Brown was only 19 years of age when he beat his then girlfriend Rihanna.  For someone like Chris Brown, it's not likely he will change anytime soon.  Once angry and violent, it always escalates into angrier and more dangerous.  This is a pot on a stove ready to boil over at any given time.

Teen Dating Expert and Columnist Susie Kroll said on her site earlier today, 

"about the rumors surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together and the dangerous ramifications to our teens. We know that abused women and girls often return to the abuser several times, sometimes putting themselves in lethal danger. To do this while the public is watching sends extremely bad messages, and, yes, it comes with the territory of celebrity, just like the big black Bentley Brown drives. Chris Brown and Rihanna are role models to millions of teens and tweens all over the world, they could have made several responsible decisions after the incident, but neither seems to have done that."

There is a responsibility with being in the spotlight especially when the audience is made up of mostly teenagers.  There is also a responsibility from the media to not fuel this garbage in an attempt to get traffic or ratings to your sites.  Domestic Violence is a serious crime, not to be used on national stage, treated and promoted like a reuniting of a once popular circus act.

There is nothing entertaining about attempted murder!

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Donna R. Gore said...

Good Morning: I don't keep up with these Hollywood "stars". However, millions do and that concerns me... Whether you are "just 19," 22 or 92 years of age, with stardom comes responsibility that these kids are not prepared for... So with all of their "fast won" instead of "hard fought" millions they get angry when they can't have everything their way... all of the time..and they lash out, they beat others, they destroy, they take drugs...etc...

Just as there is a huge need for parenting classes for would be parents... more than ever, there should be mandatory curriculum with "stars in the making about what it's really like and what to expect. If they can't cut it... That's it..they are out of the public eye for good and unable to be "role models of the worst kind." Of course this will never happen... as it's all about money all of the time... So we continue to pick up the pieces of shattered lives!



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