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Stacy Peterson's Tragedy: Saving the Lives of Others

October 28th marks the 4-year anniversary of when a loving wife and mother seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

About two months before the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, wife of former Bolingrook, Illinois, Police Sergeant, Drew Peterson, Stacy met with Pastor Neil Schori and had a conversation that likely will play out for the world when Pastor Schori testifies at Kathleen Savio’s murder trial sometime next year. Kathleen Savio, Drew’s third wife, as you remember, was found dead in a dry bathtub and probably would never have been heard from again had Stacy not gone missing.Drew Peterson is now on trial for her murder.

What is interesting is not so much the meeting in August 2007 with Pastor Schori, but when Stacy left to go home, Pastor Schori’s private line rang and on the other end was Drew Peterson. He called just to say hello and said he would call back to meet with the pastor at a later date in the near future. What Drew Peterson was really doing was saying, “Look, buddy, I know you just met with my wife, and I want you to know that I know,” therefore placing the pastor on notice that he, too, was being watched.

It was then, when Stacy Peterson returned home, that she was likely questioned by Drew as to why she met with him and what was said. Stacy likely did not flinch when he interrogated her, and although she sensed an impending danger, a smell change, as I call it, temporarily she disarmed him. She begins formulating a plan to end the marriage, feeling secure enough that her officer husband would not harm one hair on her head as it would sound the alarm connecting him to Kathleen’s murder should anything happen to her.

From the time the call was placed by Peterson to the pastor, he begins to show us his pattern of conduct leading up to, in my opinion, the murder of Stacy Peterson. The only way he would know for certain if Stacy was at the church that day is because he was stalking her. In the circus-like atmosphere the moment Stacy Peterson was reported missing, the focus was on finding her. No one ever remotely considered or looked at Drew Peterson’s pattern of conduct prior to October 28, 2007.

The documented patterns of his behavior go as far back to when he was married to Kathleen Savio, found dead in the former marital home in March 2004, and earlier, as letters and police reports written during their marriage document abuse toward her.

Peterson’s pattern of conduct is then served on a golden platter by the national media. His words during interviews are from a man who believes he has gotten away with murder, a second time. He tells us all, at the early stages of his new found celebrity in the fall of 2007, “she is where she wants to be.” No, what Peterson is telling us is that Stacy knew better and yet defied him anyway. For that he made her pay with her life. He is telling the world this was her choice.

Peterson’s actions reach back to the crime scene in 2004 of Kathleen Savio. He was familiar with his former wife’s schedule and comfortable enough with the layout of his former home to carry out a murder. In my opinion, it was the perfect crime to stage in the upstairs bathroom on a weekend when he had visitation with the kids; they were not in the house. Stacy, and who else was there? Did his oldest son, Steven, on Saturday, February 28, happen to stop by that weekend to enjoy a warm, fuzzy family night of pizza and movie? Did he have an alibi for that night?

Once fellow officers responded to the 911 call to the home of Kathleen Savio, did any of them wonder why Peterson didn’t just radio the station? He was still on duty and in uniform. How many of the officers responding to the call answered to Peterson because he was their supervisor? Drew Peterson’s pattern of conduct is important during the murder investigation. The crime scene is his stage at which he shines in being the master at manipulation and deception among those he works with everyday, fighting crime. Peterson gets away with the crime and moves forward with his life.

We don’t know Peterson’s pattern of conduct in the days leading up to Stacy’s disappearance and alleged murder. We do know that Stacy had confided in a neighbor about Drew moving out of the home. She set up an appointment with Harry Smith for a divorce consultation. She made a statement to her sister, considered hearsay, “if something happens to me it’s no accident;” the words Kathleen would write when she petitioned the court for an order of protection.

Peterson’s pattern of conduct and actions are important as it relates to Stacy Peterson. She can be placed in the marital home the morning she disappeared, so we know she and Peterson were in that house. From Sunday morning until the following day, there is a window of opportunity for Peterson, and when the coast is clear, in my opinion, he takes her out of the house. How far is he really going to drive? Does he go to one of two camp grounds with which he is familiar within an hour’s drive of the house? Does he go to a more obvious and public location, perhaps in plain site and one that is familiar to him? We do not know because Stacy Peterson's is still out there someplace waiting to be found.

Similar to thousands of other victims across the country no different then Stacy telling a close friend or family member about the abuse is not enough to make an arrest or prosecute in a court of law.

Now there is new technology that if Stacy Peterson had completed called the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit, Drew Peterson would have been arrested and charged with her murder. Because in a victims own words she would have been able to describe incidents of abuse and other important information. After completing the document it is witnessed and notarized prior to being read on a recorded video. This removes "Hearsay" and provides a solid case for prosecution because it is in her own words, similar to a will.

Pastor Neil Schori at the time would be an important role in the early development of the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit. The case of Stacy Peterson was how the process was started. Because pf the Pastor and the support of the Naperville Christian church lives are being saved Now Pastor Schori is taking this new procedure from behind the pulpit and across the county.

On October 31, 2001--Technology is about to change the way victims of domestic violence andstalking will be able to document and video the abuse and potential threats against their lives. It is also a unique way, once the technology is used across the country, for abusers to think twice about making their spouse or girlfriend vanish without a trace. In her absence, if the victim has completed the process, called the "Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit" it will bring an arrest and a solid case for prosecutors.


To significantly reduce the number of homicides and missing persons per year by
providing cutting edge technology and vital knowledge that will first give potential
victims a fighting chance, a strong voice, provide valuable non‐reputable evidence that
will aid in any investigations, eventual conviction, overruling “hearsay” laws, in the
worst case scenarios and provide a powerful deterrent against would‐be attackers.

To significantly reduce the costs incurred by law enforcement, the justice system and health
care services, including insurance claims, each costing taxpayers annually.

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