Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Good Old Boys of Texas and Justice for Daniel Underwood


September 4, 2008: 33-year-old Daniel Ray Underwood, his live-in girlfriend Rebecca Nelson,and a friend, Maria Harvick, went from a bar in East Fork, Texas and then back to Daniel's private home where an argument erupted, a struggle ensued, a shot gun fired, and Daniel was mortally wounded. But was it an accident or a cover-up by police?

Daniels mother, Donna Underwood, whom has fought for justice and Maria Harvick who was there that fateful night along with Dennis N. Griffin retired investigator and author were on the show.

New information important to the case was revealed for the time. These developments are enough to ask the Attorney General's Office in Texas to review the information and ask that the case be re-opened to have the medical examiner change the cause of death from suicide to homicide.

The witness that evening Maria Harvick provided a first hand account into what really happened to Daniel Underwood. To describe that here on the blog is better served in listening to the broadcast link provided below. Past attempts by the family to the Sulfur Police Department asking in writing to re-open the case have fallen on deaf ears.

That night Rebecca not only fires the shotgun, she moves the body and then does something in my opinion, that is repulsive.

At the center of this case is an individual who planned the murder and succeeded at disarming law enforcement, likely because she is a woman.

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Today's broadcast of the case is the first of many. Should the medical examiners office, Texas Rangers or the Sulphur Springs police decide to re-open this before next week when the family and the witness appear on The nationally syndicated "The Roth Show" followed by other media, I can be reached via email at

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Amanda S said...

Susan...Listened to the show. So glad that Maria came forward. It did shed a whole new light on the whole case. Because up until now, all we knew is what Rebecca said. Which made absolutely no sense. Thank you for helping Donna in her fight for Justice for Daniel!!

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