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The Susan Murphy Milano Show "Time's Up" 2- 4PM Eastern

Dennis McDougal and Max Cannon Appearing on The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”

Thursday, May 12
Dennis McDougal

Most recently author of Five Easy Decades: How Jack Nicholson Became the Biggest Movie Star in Modern Time (John Wiley & Sons, 2008), Dennis McDougal has chronicled Hollywood, crime and the media for over 30 years. His forthcoming Things Have Changed (John Wiley & Sons, 2011) is the new biography of music legend Bob Dylan.

Before turning his attention full-time to writing books in 1993, McDougal reported on the glamorous and occasionally corrupt aspects of Hollywood as a staff writer for 15 years at the Los Angeles Times. As a Times investigative reporter concentrating on movies, television and pop music, McDougal took readers behind the scenes of pop star Michael Jackson’s troubled career, beginning with his “Victory” tour in the early 1980s; exposed the waste and mismanagement of Band Aid, USA for Africa, Farm Aid, and other “pop charities” of the 1980s; and followed celebrity courtroom dramas, such as the so-called “Cotton Club” murder trial, which featured former Paramount Pictures chief Robert Evans in a major supporting role.

McDougal’s reporting has taken him to the top of San Francisco’s Mt. Tamalpais at sunrise with Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama, Rodney King’s rap music debut, Ethiopia with Harry Belafonte, Tokyo with former U.S. Ambassador Mike Mansfield, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s Washington Heights bedroom for a discussion of the elements of good sex. He has interviewed dozens of celebrated men and women who have influenced our lives: pop stars, politicians, moguls and cultural icons.
McDougal’s latest book, The Candlestickmaker, a novel set on a spy ship during the VietNam War, promises to be another best seller!

“Aboard the spy ship U.S.S. Argosy in the war-tossed waters off the coast of Vietnam, three young American sailors form an unlikely bond. Each has fled an America they were raised to love but somehow no longer understand. When forced to choose whether to face combat or stay and fight the war in the streets, they sign up for a war that reflected the conflict that raged inside each of them. The one thing of which they were certain was that the only people in the world that they could depend on were each other.”

Available at Amazon

A riveting best seller that chronicles how a second-rate newspaper rose to greatness over a century, helping to shape a sleepy Southern California pueblo into the second largest metropolis in America, only to become a casualty of greed and civil war within the family that owned the Los Angeles Times.

Digging up as many roles offstage as on—hardheaded businessman, softhearted friend, master of rude rejoinders, fanatical sports fan and poetic philosopher—McDougal makes Nicholson’s everyday life just as fascinating as his films, which also get considerable, thoughtful attention; in fact, McDougal’s research is so deep and detailed, his extensive chapter notes could make a fine book of their own. --Publishers Weekly

"I run all the studios," 38-year-old Lew Wasserman boasted in 1951 when turning down an offer to run MGM. Indeed, he did. As president of MCA, the most powerful talent agency of its time, Wasserman gained unprecedented artistic and financial clout for Hollywood's top stars, hastening the end of the studio system. Not that he did it out of the goodness of his heart. The canny, ruthless Wasserman was famous for inventing new ways to increase MCA's percentage, most notably by bundling clients into packages the agency produced for the burgeoning television market--a glaring conflict of interest that finally prompted a Justice Department investigation. Veteran movie journalist Dennis McDougal (author of Fatal Subtraction: The Inside Story of Buchwald v. Paramount) uses Wasserman's career as a case study in how the entertainment industry has changed over the course of the 20th century. He chronicles MCA's evolution from a band-booking business in wide-open Jazz Age Chicago (where persistent rumors about the company's Mob ties began) to a postwar movie and TV powerhouse to a Japanese-owned subsidiary in the 1990s. Seamlessly blending biography, business reporting, and juicy celebrity anecdotes, this is first-rate showbiz muckraking.
--Wendy Smith, Amazon.Com

Former child actor, acclaimed star of In Cold Blood and iconic ‘70s TV detective inBaretta, Robert Blake met Bonny Lee Bakley at a party and slept with her the same night. A Hollywood parasite and con artist known for elaborate Internet sex scams and a shameless pursuit of money and fame, Bonny wanted to marry a star and by the late ‘90s, Blake was her target: a troubled has-been coasting on the fumes of past success. Six months after their quickie wedding, Bonny was shot to death in a parked car on a dark Hollywood side street, and the No. 1 suspect was Baretta.

The cult classic about Southern California serial murderer Randy Kraft, the mild-mannered computer whiz by day and lust killer at night, who holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most prolific murderers (approximately 67 victims) in modern U.S. history. (Warner Books)

In Yosemite National Park, Cary Stayner commits murder after murder as law enforcement scrambles to decipher anything that will save hapless vacationers.

The best-selling saga of a Sacramento mother of six who enticed two of her sons into a monstrous plot to torture and murder her own two daughters. (Ballantine)A recent blogger's review

Fatal Subtraction: How Hollywood Really Does Business (Doubleday), co-authored with famed Hollywood trial lawyer Pierce O'Donnell. It's the definitive inside look at Hollywood's landmark Art Buchwald v. Paramount trial the "Coming To America" lawsuit that unveiled Hollywood's sleazy accounting practices and changed forever the way studios conduct business.

Edgar-nominated In The Best of Families: The Anatomy of a True Tragedy (Warner Books) recounts the descent into murderous madness of the family of Roy Miller, Ronald Reagan's personal attorney.


Max Cannon

In 2001 Max Cannon was publishing a free “waiting room” publication that was placed in doctor’s offices, car repair businesses, restaurants and other places where people have to wait. It was full of trivia, jokes and puzzles and sprinkled in were pictures of local mugshots and wanted fugitives, paid for by small ads placed by local business. Local MugSHOTS was born, published by SafeCITY Publishing bi-weekly.

This publication evolved into a 12 page tabloid, costing only $1, with current mugshots, inmate status, registered sex offenders,fugitives, missing persons and the most lucrative part, rewards. Distributed throughout several states through local distributors, the publication is targeted to the local audience where someone might recognize a face, collect a reward, find a missing person and solve a crime.

With the popularity of the internet, Max Cannon took his vision a step further venturing into video and blogs containing more details of specific cases. Thus, he created CrimePAY$ and RewardsTV. is a blog which delves further into the details of cases as well as posts the reward amounts for each one. There is over 14 million dollars in rewards posted on the site from all over the country. Money is a great motivator and the hope is that clues will be found and turned in for the posted rewards.

CrimePAY$ takes the unsolved cases to a video form, again, explaining details using footage and prepared in a news format. The video takes you visually through the case, explaining details, asking questions and amplifying the rewards offered.

Max Cannon and his distributors work closely with local law enforcement and assist in the recovery of missing persons by the distribution of information and rewards.

CrimePAY$ is creating a new media form for solving crime, through print publications, internet blogs, video, and a new venture, radio, and eventually television. Watch for the criminals that may be lurking in your own backyard through all of these mediums.

Known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice,” Susan Murphy Milano always stands up as a voice for those who are silenced in a world of intimidation and violence within their homes and in courtrooms across the country.

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If you are a loved one of an unsolved case, have a loved one missing, a victim of abuse or stalking, or you would like to be considered as a guest on a future show email us and include a contact number at

Susan Murphy Milano is with the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is an expert on intimate partner violence and homicide crimes. For more information visit She is also in partnership with Pamela Chapman and iAscend Programs.

Susan is the author of "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships," available for purchase at the Institute, and wherever books are sold. Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" on Here Women Talk and is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated The Roth Show with Dr Laurie Roth. Susan is a survivor- the daughter of a police officer family intimate partner homicide by her father who murdered her mother before committing suicide

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