Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Larry Winget! Not Just Your Average Okie From Muskogee!

Oklahoma native, Larry Winget, is not another country singer lamenting the sorrows of life!  Well known and trademarked as "The Pitbull of Personal Developement," Winget turned his heels on a dime, forged a new look, designed some boots and took off in a world of motivational speakers.

In the world of "happy talk" and elevator speeches, Winget snapped one day and got in the face of a heckler who turned out to be his inspiration for the future of his new style.

Directly, but not rudely, Larry Winget's style is more common sense, with down to earth, realistic advice on topics such as finances, kids and career choices.

Larry Winget has appeared in every major media outlet and magazine, he makes a mean cover subject!  His books  made the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers list 5 times.  Must be something he said?

Indeed, if there is a lesson to be learned from the Larry Winget story, it is to simply embrace one's individuality.
"My philosophy is discover your uniqueness and learn to exploit it in the service of others," he says. "Becoming authentic is a hard thing for people to do, but I always encourage people to find out who they really are, to discover their edge just a bit."  (Randy Cordova The Arizona Republic)

Join Larry Winget as a guest this Wednesday, November 24, at 4 pm Eastern on The Susan Murphy Milano Show "Time's Up!" on the Here Women Talk Network broadcast by Zeus Radio Network.  You won't hear elevator music or serenity speeches, but you will be treated to an hour that will keep you thinking!

Known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice,” Susan Murphy Milano always stands up as a voice for those who are silenced in a world of intimidation and violence within their homes and in courtrooms across the country.

Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern

The Susan Murphy Milano Show.

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